Chatbot script “correct, hit and timely”

Chatbot script “correct, hit and timely”

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2021-12-17 09:13:29

According to Lazada’s prediction of consumption trends on e-commerce at the end of the year (October 2021 to January 2022), consumers will tend to shop for the traditional New Year earlier than usual. Although it has had a difficult year due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the shopping demand of consumers at the end of the year still has encouraging signs of growth. For businesses and business units, the exciting year-end promotion season is an opportunity to revive the spirit after 2 quarters of stagnation, race with a series of promotions and be ready to receive a “wave” of customers. goods are pouring in – especially from online shopping channels.

The challenge of satisfying and retaining customers in the peak season at the end of the year

Businesses at this time need to be ready to build a response and customer care scenario to immediately respond to the spike in traffic – especially during the Christmas and New Year’s super shopping season. Marketing costs for online sales channels are not low, businesses must try to compete to increase their presence on the internet as well as invest in building their own sales channels to be ready to receive the wave of end customers. years, so a quality customer response script will help businesses maximize conversion rates, retain customers so as not to make all their efforts go to waste.

The challenge is how to manage the volume of orders pouring in from many different channels while ensuring the fastest processing speed possible. The consultant team became the busiest force, often overloaded outside office hours, but still not enough to handle 100% of orders. Up to 85% of customers will leave when they have to wait too long for a response from the business, 90% of customers abandon the shopping cart when having difficulty in the payment step up to 2 times.

The problem for businesses is how to have a technology platform that is fast enough to adapt to all customer needs throughout their shopping journey. An order management tool that integrates 24/7 sales chatbot with a quality built scenario based on the actual behavior of the user will help businesses completely solve the inadequacies in order processing. year-end and optimize the application rate without additional costs:


– Shorten the waiting time of customers through the chatbot that automatically responds to the script 24/7, making it easy for customers to choose products right on the chatbot, similar to the shopping experience on conventional e-commerce platforms.

– Increase the rate of closing orders, reduce the rate of robbing customers, losing customers thanks to the feature of automatically hiding comments, inboxing customers when commenting on fanpage, livestream.

– Save 50% of human resources by managing all orders from many sources on the same system, connecting reputable shipping units Giaohangnhanh, Giaohangtietkiem,…

– An effective tool for managers thanks to the intelligent import and export tracking system.

– Integrate storing and classifying customer data on Bizfly mini CRM, thereby determining the status of each customer to have a suitable care scenario.

– Save 80% on costs compared to approaching new customers thanks to 0 VND re-marketing through personalized messages sent directly to customers’ messengers, stimulating customers to return, and increasing spend per day. customer.

In order to facilitate businesses to deploy care and shopping stimulation scenarios with optimal cost – minimalist process – maximum efficiency, Bizfly Martech & Salestech operated by VCCorp organizes a webinar Bizfly Expert Talk 22 with the topic “Building a real chatbot scenario to increase the closing rate of year-end sales” to help businesses have a realistic view and develop an effective business strategy. Quickly register for free HERE

The chatbot scenario is

This event is suitable for:

Team leaders, department heads and sales and customer care personnel

Team leaders, department heads and marketing personnel

Bizfly Expert Talk #22 focuses on practical issues for businesses, especially during the year-end business season:

Basic information about chatbots to suit all types of businesses

Benefits and special features of Chatbot in customer care from providing information, nurturing customers, upselling, cross selling to closing orders

Steps to build a Chatbot script suitable for each customer

Bizfly Expert Talk #22 with the participation of speakers:

Speaker Bich Phuong Tent

Chatbot Product Leader, Bizfly, VCCorp

With more than 4 years of experience in implementing digital transformation solutions in Marketing and sales for businesses in many fields in Vietnam such as Honda, CafeF, Kenh14, Dora, Bao Tin Manh Hai, Sohaco, Wowholiday,,. .. As a person directly involved in consulting plans, building systems, supporting the operation and deployment of chatbot systems for many large corporations as well as pharmaceutical SMEs, Ms. Phuong clearly understands the characteristics of the market. schools and businesses in many fields to have a flexible scenario development strategy and handle arising situations appropriately. Besides, Ms. Luong Bich Phuong is also known as the speaker of many digital transformation training sessions for hundreds of partners as well as internal employees of the enterprise.

Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions as well as any concerns, questions to be consulted and answered directly by experts. Certainly, the real stories brought in the seminar will help businesses gain a more specific view as well as experiences so as not to miss any customer data. Register for the event for free HERE

Sign up instantly to boost data conversion rates into loyal customers and instant revenue:

Event name: Expert Talk #22: Building a real chatbot script to increase the closing rate of year-end sales

Registration Link: Here

Time: 14h-15h December 15, 2021

How to join: Online – free

Platform: Livestream on Zoom and Facebook

Speaker: Ms. Luong Bich Phuong, Chatbot Product Leader, Bizfly, VCCorp

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