Cheap electric car model revealed, about to open for sale with the price from only 208 million

Cheap electric car model revealed, about to open for sale with the price from only 208 million

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2023-01-20 19:43:25

BYD Seagull revealed test run photos, promising that the launch date for 208 million VND is not far away.

The BYD Seagull electric four-door sedan was recently spotted in China with a pink color option. This version will focus mainly on female customers. Seagull will be launched in April this year with a price of 60,000 – 100,000 RMB (208 – 347 million VND).

The Seagull’s exterior looks nice and clean with its sloping bonnet line and windshield. The BYD Seagull has plastic trim on the lower part of the bodywork and a roof spoiler. The front end also has two trapezoidal headlights and a rear bumper that simulates air vents. And of course, BYD Seagull is painted in a beautiful pink color aimed at female customers.

In the Chinese market, BYD Seagull is called 噗噗粉 (Pu Pu Fen, Pink Heart Beating). Highly likely BYD Seagull can use Dolphin’s color options. We remind you that Dolphin 2023 also comes in Cheese Yellow, Delan Black, Atlantis Gray and Taro Purple.

Talking about the interior, the BYD Seagull has a floating center console and a small dashboard. Below the home screen we can see a special phone keypad and a block of physical buttons.

The BYD Seagull was recently revealed by MIIT China. The exact dimensions of the BYD Seagull are 3780/1715/1540 mm with a wheelbase of 2500 mm. For comparison, it’s 345 mm shorter, 55 mm narrower and 30 mm lower than the BYD Dolphin. The BYD Seagull can be fitted with optional LED headlights.

BYD Seagull uses LFP batteries manufactured by FinDreams, a BYD subsidiary. Its capacity is still unknown but it was previously reported that the Seagull’s battery capacity will reach 30.7 kWh. As for the electric motor, it’s the TZ180XSH for 55 kW (75 hp).

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