Cheat Fallout: New Vegas, code for Fallout New Vegas

Cheat Fallout: New Vegas, code for Fallout New Vegas

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2021-04-05 07:46:05

Cheat code is an indispensable part of the game including mobile or PC, online or offline. But more often than not we will use cheat codes in offline game genres.

Because even using any form of cheating in the offline game, it does not affect other players. Once you have used it in an online game, this is considered cheating. Because when you use cheat software to outperform other players, you inevitably lose game balance and many negative things will happen.

With offline games, it is completely different, such as Fallout: New Vegas is a game with cheat code that gamers can freely use without fear of condemnation. Just like you use Vice City cheat, GTA V cheat, CS 1.1 code, Alien Shooter cheat, Empire command … only, below is the Fallout: New Vegas cheat list.

Cheat Fallout: New Vegas, coded Fallout: New Vegas

To use cheat, code Fallout: New Vegas you press tilde key (~) while playing and enter the cheat code below here go and click Enter to activate the entered code.

Cheat Code Effect
addspecialpoints amount> Add as many SPECIAL points as you want
advlevel Level up
tmm 1 Show all markers on the map.
player.additem 000000F amount> Increase the number of bottle caps in your stock according to the indicated quantity.
tgm Immortal
kill Kill the NPC or the selected enemy
tcl Across the wall
QQQ Quick exit game
resurrect Revive NPC or selected dead enemy.
player.setav amount> Set your skill level to the desired amount (maximum of 100).
player.setweaponhealthperc 100 Set current weapon to 100%.
unlock Physical unlock or selected terminal.
tm Toggle menu and user interface on and off.
set timescale to amount> Speed ​​up time or slow down time (default is 30).
Killall Kill all NPCs and animals in the vicinity.
player.setlevel X> Set your player level to a specified number.
showracemenu Change your character’s race.
showbarbermenu Change your character’s hairstyle.
shownamemenu Change your character’s name.
tfc Switch to Free Cam mode.
tfow Turn War Mist on or off.
movetoqt Go to the next quest target.
caqs Complete all the objectives of the missions in the game.

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