‘Children do not play, old regret’

‘Children do not play, old regret’


2023-05-22 05:57:39

Fortune reported that in a speech to graduates of Northen Aiona University, billionaire Bill Gates shared his regret when he wished he could go out more and enjoy life instead of working. It’s too hard work to sacrifice many things in my youth.

The words of the founder of Microsoft surprised many young people because this billionaire is famous for being a workaholic, accepting to give up college to pursue his dream, thereby bringing a fortune. billions of dollars.

In his speech, Bill Gates admitted that he and his colleagues had worked extremely hard, but because of that, the billionaire realized many things.

“You won’t be lazy if you give yourself a little relaxation,” admits Bill Gates.

Bill Gates: 'Young people don't play, old people regret' - Photo 2.

In front of a crowd of young graduates, the Microsoft founder said he only realized this after a long time of experience and encouraged everyone to have a balanced life instead of sacrificing everything. for career.

Currently, Bill Gates is gradually giving away his $125 billion fortune through philanthropic activities, and no longer wants to try to sacrifice everything to become the richest person in the world.

“When I was your age, I didn’t rest on vacations or weekends. I force myself and those around me to work hard day and night. In the early days of Microsoft, I always kept an eye on the parking lot management to keep track of who left early and who stayed late,” recalls Bill Gates.

Up to now, the Microsoft founder advises young people not to make the same mistakes as themselves.

“Take a break if you feel it is necessary. Don’t be too hard on people around you if you can,” said Bill Gates.

Fortune reports that this is not the first time the billionaire has regretted his past. A few weeks ago, while sitting with British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and answering questions compiled by ChatGPT, Bill Gates also admitted his stubborn temper in his youth.

“There were a lot of people who wanted to help me, but couldn’t because of my stubborn temperament, because I had a stubborn attitude about the crazy work style of the time,” Bill Gates admitted.

Of course, when he succeeded, became a billionaire and a series of events in his life, Bill Gates gradually changed his perspective on life and work. Aging and becoming a grandfather have made Bill Gates value his life more than his career.

In the letter published in December 2022 about information about having a granddaughter, Bill Gates expressed that this event made him want to build a better future for his descendants instead of just focusing on making money like in the past. young.

Bill Gates: 'Young people don't play, old people regret' - Photo 3.

In addition, the Microsoft founder also said that taking time to relax means that people can look back at the past, congratulate themselves on their successes or learn from failures to gain momentum to overcome difficulties. towel.

This also gives people time to develop relationships, which should be done instead of just looking at who’s car leaves early or stays late to work like the young Bill Gates himself.

Even Bill Gates warned young people not to wait until they are old to realize this lesson, but take time to take care of themselves and their families instead of sacrificing everything for work.

Concluding his speech to students at Northern Arizona College, Bill Gates said that the graduating class of 2023 is expected to be the generation to solve the climate crisis as well as narrow the current gap between rich and poor in the world.

*Source: Fortune

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