China electric brush series quality inspection, the results of disturbing disappointment

China electric brush series quality inspection, the results of disturbing disappointment

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2021-05-05 05:52:51

Ms. Qiu, who lives in Beijing, is a huge fan of electric toothbrushes. Over the past few years, she has bought five electric toothbrushes in a row as well as a variety of different oral care products such as mouthwash and whitening equipment. However, what this woman gets is that while the costs are getting more expensive, the experience gets worse and worse.

“When salespeople introduced this electric toothbrush, they repeatedly emphasized that the cleaning effect and better mouth protection, higher vibration frequency and the use of wireless charging method, it is very convenient to But when used, a lot of different problems happened “, this woman shares.

Ms. Khau said firstly that the included wireless charger was broken, then the trigger button was faulty, each time she had to grind her teeth to press the button to run. After half a year, the charging cable connector was damaged. Two years later, the electric toothbrush stopped working because water seeped into the engine. Desperate, Ms. Khau can only remove this high-end brush worth up to $ 300.

As society develops, more and more people consider brushing and oral hygiene as “the top priority” in life. And this has spawned a huge market for electric toothbrushes, especially in a market of billions of people like China.

Brands of electric toothbrush have mushroomed after the rain, with prices ranging from a few dollars to tens of dollars. However, accompanying it are also countless reports showing chaotic and uneven quality, even “useless” but still rampant advertising and advertising.

Recently, the Chinese Consumers Association conducted a comparison test of 25 different electric toothbrush products to check their cleaning effectiveness. The results show that the bristles of all models are of good quality, but cleaning performance, noise, charging times and use times are quite different.

In the cleaning efficiency test, they smeared puree on the teeth mold, then used an electric toothbrush to clean, and then scored based on the area of ​​the remaining vegetable stains on each tooth on the tooth mold. The results showed that only 3 samples had good cleaning effect and left less stains on vegetables.

In the test of battery life, the charging and discharging time of 25 models differ greatly. Actual shortest charging time is 1.4 hours and longest up to 29.5 hours, while the longest using time is 21.7 hours and the shortest is only 0.7 hours.

In addition, out of 25 samples, only 2 samples have the correct noise level and 9 samples have the correct vibration frequency as product information. It can be said that most of the advertisements on the labels and the descriptions of the product models are not accurate for reference when buying.

China checks the quality of series of electric brushes, the results are worryingly disappointing - Photo 2.

The association also recommends to consumers that electric toothbrushes should be serviced daily. Buyers should also carefully read the instructions on temperature and environmental requirements before use. It is best to change the brush tip every 3 months to avoid the growth of bacteria on the bristles.

When using an electric toothbrush, it does not use the same force as a conventional toothbrush. Excessive force can easily curl the bristles and damage teeth and gums. After each use, remember to rinse thoroughly by adding to clean water, turn on for a period of time, and dry the brush tip in a dry and well-ventilated environment. In addition, during the charging process should not accidentally plug and unplug the power suddenly, it is best to charge it all at once, otherwise it will affect the battery’s life.

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