China liquidated a series of “buffalo plow” to Vietnam at a cheap price

China liquidated a series of “buffalo plow” to Vietnam at a cheap price

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2022-10-07 21:54:42

Recently, countless batches of graphics cards from China are being imported to Vietnam, under the name of a cheap liquidation cryptocurrency miner to flow into the domestic market.

Taking advantage of the plunging graphics card price, Mr. Hoa in Binh Dinh sought to buy a lot RX 580 Sapphire Nitro Special Edition 8 GB old with the price of 1 million VND each. He said that the purpose of buying the card is to vacuum, pack the box and wait for the next season to install a digital currency mining buffalo. However, when taking the goods back and removing the equipment for cleaning, Mr. Hoa discovered that most of the cards in this batch of 50 were soldered, closed the CPU, and repaired carelessly.

When Mr. Hoa contacted the seller to change another code or accept to buy it back at a cheaper price, he received the answer that there was only one code left. Asus ROG Strix Radeon Rx 57; At the same time, it is imported from China, so no exchange or return is allowed.

Lot of poor quality cards from China are rampant in the market

After this warning information was shared on cryptocurrency mining groups, Mr. Hoa also saw many people buying similar goods. If the price of one RX 580 Sapphire Nitro Special Edition 8 GB Only 2.8 million VND, Chinese-made goods are only 1/3 cheaper, but in terms of efficiency, it is obviously much more expensive than the liquidation price of domestic miners.

Mr. X. Thanh, representing a large computer system in Ho Chi Minh City. Ho Chi Minh City, is also a person specializing in the supply and installation of shared cryptocurrency mining rigs:

“Chinese graphics cards have started flooding into Vietnam since half a month ago. Many traders take advantage of the shadow of diggers to smuggle poor quality goods to the market.”

Mr. Thanh emphasized that the batches of video cards imported from China often undergo many repairs, especially when the GPU and Vram are closed (saving images and videos, working in parallel with the GPU). They have the common feature that they are prone to errors, can “die” at any time, so they can’t be used to play games or mine coins. Commenting on Mr. Hoa’s case, Mr. Thanh said that the place where Hoa’s card was purchased must be mostly junk, so the price of 1 million dong thought it was a good deal, but it was actually expensive. Meanwhile, this model is liquidated by many domestic miners for about 800-900 thousand VND.

Mr. Ngoc Can, manager of a cryptocurrency mining group with nearly 70,000 members, said that the second-hand graphics card market has been much more active in the past week or so. After the Ethereum: The Merge event took place, causing the network’s cryptocurrency mining to stop, there were almost only sellers without buyers and at this time, the card price is still high.
When the shipments from China flooded, the price of the card almost hit the bottom, some people bought cheaply to save but didn’t know they had been cheated.

According to Can, in the cryptocurrency mining world, the exchange of old graphics cards often defaults to the buyer not to tear the stamp, remove the check screw, so it is difficult to know if the device has been repaired. He warned users not to be cheap and to negotiate carefully with the seller about the return in case the shipment is found to have problems.

People with long experience in the field of cryptocurrency mining say shipments from China are flooding the market and even those in the industry can be scammed. Ordinary users or gamers should look to buy new cards, with genuine warranties, should not ‘hunt’ for cheap old goods during this period, to avoid losing money.

Representative of a genuine computer equipment distribution system in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM said that from the end of August, the price of graphics cards is dropping sharply to the level recommended by the manufacturer. However, the demand of users is not too great, many people have the mentality of waiting for the new model to launch, leading to the real market being still quite quiet.

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