China “shocked” the world with electric car batteries that charge faster than gas

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2021-11-05 19:57:11

For electric cars, batteries always play an important role in contributing to improving the quality and performance of the model. Therefore, manufacturers are always researching, researching and developing new technologies to help increase capacity as well as shorten the time to fully charge the battery, solving the problem when comparing battery charging for electric vehicles with refueling. for traditional cars.

And most recently, one of the positive results has appeared, this time from China – which is dubbed the “paradise” of electric cars.

Specifically, Desten – a battery manufacturer based in Hong Kong (China) has just “shocked” the world by officially announcing its new battery technology with the ability to charge extremely fast in less than 5 minutes. clock. Specifically, this manufacturer says their battery will be able to quickly charge from 0% to 80% in exactly 4 minutes 40 seconds.

The prototype battery pack has a charging capacity of up to 900 kW, more than three times the peak capacity of other electric vehicles today, such as the Porsche Taycan, which only reaches 270 kW.

Porsche Taycan owns a battery with a charging capacity of up to 270 kW but has not “aged” with the new battery model of the manufacturer from China.(Source: Topgear)

According to Desten, this battery model is expected to be used in the upcoming Piëch GT sports electric car with a capacity likely to reach 75 kWh combined with the ability to charge in under 5 minutes, the car is capable of traveling up to 500 Km. .


The Piëch GT sports car will be the first electric vehicle equipped with this new battery model from Desten. (Source: Motor1)

Currently, Desten has not disclosed the details of the components on the battery model, but said that to achieve the above results, the company has made breakthroughs in materials and cell structure combined with new chemical formulas. produced on special lines.

Accordingly, the battery has the ability to keep the temperature stable so that it does not rise too high during fast charging as well as during operation. Specifically, Desten’s new technology allows the battery to always maintain a battery temperature that does not differ by more than 15 degrees Celsius from the outside environment.

This greatly reduces the cost and weight when installed on electric cars compared to conventional batteries when there is no need to install a cooling support system for the battery.


The Piëch GT sports car will be the first electric vehicle equipped with this new battery model from Desten (Source: Motor1)

Besides, another advantage of this battery model is its ability to operate stably. According to the manufacturer, this new battery provides up to 3,000 charge cycles with a total operating range of about 1.5 million km while maintaining 80% of the original capacity.

According to Insideevs

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