Chinese magicians ‘magic’ to create the world’s first folding screen iPhone

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2022-11-24 15:10:51

While Apple is still struggling to develop the first folding screen prototypes. Then a group of engineers from China made a folding screen iPhone with Motorola Razr hinge and iPhone X components. Currently, the process of making iPhone X into the first folding screen iPhone has been posted. on the YouTube channel Scientific and Technological Aesthetics.

The folding screen iPhone will have two main components, the upper part should contain the battery and the camera sensor. Components below will include microchips, memory. They are connected by a small fold in the middle. The engineering team initially wanted to use the hinge of the Galaxy Z Flip, but ended up choosing the Motorola Razr because of the smaller middle folding size.

With screen panels, after testing many different types of screens, Chinese magicians used the OLED screen of iPhone X to ensure the best display quality. To be able to create a foldable screen, engineers had to use dozens of iPhone screens, then cut the edges of another folding phone device and put them back together.

Because of its limited size, this iPhone only uses a 1,000mAh battery, some important components are removed such as the MagSafe charger, part of the device’s speakers. However, the result is really amazing when the phone still works normally, even smoothly.

On the interface side, Chinese engineers continue to rely on the Jailbreak jailbreak tool to further refine the software and features so that the folding iPhone can work as intended.

To realize this idea, the Chinese engineering team took nearly a year to research and develop them. Engineers have called this iPhone the iPhone V, version 1.0.

This is really a bold idea, isn’t it? Hopefully in the near future, Chinese engineers will continue to launch new versions of the folding screen iPhone that are more complete in terms of design and software. On the Apple side, it is very likely that it will launch a folding screen phone within the next two years, even an iPad or Macbook.

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