Chinese netizens are angry with Siri

Chinese netizens are angry with Siri

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2021-07-30 21:54:24

Recently, netizens in China expressed outrage at the iPhone’s Siri because it couldn’t give an answer about China’s gold medal count at the Tokyo Olympics.

The incident started with a video posted on Weibo. Explaining the problem, Siri said that due to technical settings, it only allows it to read the name of a country if there are two countries that have won the same number of gold medals.

At the Tokyo Olympics, so far, Japan has won 11 gold medals, followed by the US and China – each with 10 gold medals, and Russia with 7 gold medals. However, Siri does not read China’s gold medal numbers.

This problem was fixed by Apple and Siri was able to accurately give China’s total gold medals at the Tokyo Olympics.

From this incident, people began to speculate that the US-based tech giant may have deliberately “pranked” China because of the ongoing tensions related to technology and trade.

Apple has a strong presence in China, but has been hampered by US pressures on Chinese technology companies, especially Huawei Technologies. Currently, Chinese technology companies are banned from using technology originating in the US. China is Apple’s third-largest market by revenue.

Siri is the built-in, voice-controlled personal digital assistant on Apple devices. iPhone users can use Siri to search. Because it can use a lot of website services, collect data from many different sources to bring neat results for what you search.


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