CHK Bug Bounty is available on BugRap to promote security system

CHK Bug Bounty is available on BugRap to promote security system

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2022-12-22 03:55:45

In the past time, in the vast blockchain world and the “fertile” DeFi market, there have been countless people who profit by targeting and querying illegal cyberspaces. , CeFi was heavily affected by consecutive hacks and exploits, such as FTX, Nomad Bridge, Wormhole, Robin Bridge, … hundreds of millions of dollars in losses.

Many reasons lead to the above incidents, but generally due to blockchain ecosystem lack of security, so the BugRap bounty program was born with the aim of creating a safer space for the community, where users (Whitehat Hacker) are encouraged to receive valuable rewards. give away.

CHK Ecosystem is constantly evolving, and on December 20, 2022, CHK officially partnered with BugRap to launch a bug bounty program on its own platform.

With the criterion of always prioritizing user security, CHK spends a lot of time and effort on testing and developing products before launching. This CHK Bug Bounty Program is also one of the diversification of external resources to improve the security of the sustainable platform.

CHK Bug Bounty Program has a reward of up to 10,000 USDC. The program will run from December 20, 2022. The program will be live on BugRap, hackers can join the journey to check source code and systems online to help CHK identify problems and mitigate those. unnecessary risk.

Note: rewards will be awarded based on program rules and problem severity as shown in the following table.

With many advantages that BugRap brings, this cooperation CHK promises to contribute to improving security, and strengthen the core of the product. For users (whitehat hackers) who are encouraged to participate, this program is designed just for you. Don’t hesitate and learn more how to join now HERE.

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