CHK is not an “overnight success”

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2021-11-07 08:27:05

Le Thanh – founder of CHK has been paying attention to the potential Solana ecosystem since 2018 – a time when this name was still extremely unfamiliar to many people in the crypto world. In the journey of building CHK and following the development of Solana, Mr. Le Thanh took the opportunity to make CHK one of the “pioneers” to build on this ecosystem and a long-term companion. .

Solana has not “failed” this belief when becoming a “power” in crypto with 6th place in the project rankings by market capitalization. Le Thanh’s foresight has also helped many CHK community members “get rich” by holding SOL – Solana’s token.

In gratitude for this good and sustainable partnership, Solana’s Serum project had an interview with Mr. Le Thanh about CHK’s belief in Solana, the user-centered philosophy and the formula for success. by CHK.

1. For those who may not be familiar with CHK, please introduce CHK in 30 seconds.

At CHK, we are building a comprehensive ecosystem with three “arms” that work closely together and support each other. Those arms are:

  • CHK Labs: This is a product development branch that includes a team of skilled researchers and engineers. We look for existing problems in the market and create innovative solutions for our users.
  • CHK Network (Media): Focused on educating the community about crypto by providing insightful and rewarding insights into the market. Through CHK Network, we also promote CHK products and services, bringing them closer to users. In addition, we always listen to feedback from users to constantly improve our products.
  • CHK Ventures: Contribute to the development of potential new projects and support project builders.

Looking for more information: CHK Ecosystem Overview

2. CHK was one of the first teams to build on Solana with Serum from the early days of August 2020. CHK can be called a “pioneer” to support Serum from the time of laying the first foundation bricks.

However, not everyone is fully aware of CHK’s development journey. Can you describe the early days of CHK Wallet and the team when they decided to “land” in the Solana ecosystem?

I’ve known about Solana since 2018. Since then, our research team has followed Solana’s journey, and when we saw an opportunity to build on this potential ecosystem, we jumped. take the chance now.

At the time, supporting Solana was a big decision for CHK, as it required a lot of technological resources. Besides, in addition to supporting Solana’s development, we also build back-end products to make Solana as easy to use as possible.

While people focus only on strings compatible with EVM (EVM-compatible chain) then CHK chooses a different path – we put strong faith in Solana. And it turned out to be a wise decision. Solana has achieved what it promises: fast transaction processing (50,000 TPS), low latency (~1 second) and low fees ($10 for 1 million transactions).

These achievements are attracting more and more developers to Solana and take advantage of its easy-to-use Rust programming language. The combination of low fees and a fast learning curve could be Solana’s “recipe” for success.

But honestly, the early days were pretty tough. We found our way, learned everything by ourselves because at that time, not many people believed in the Solana ecosystem. But the effort paid off. We really appreciate the Serum funding at that time, and later the $5 million Ecosystem Mutual Fund with Solana to help accelerate Web3 and DeFi innovation in Crypto.

4. He once shared that CHK is not an “overnight success” but a journey of persistence, starting with recognizing the existing problems with crypto wallets.

What was CHK thinking in those early days, and how did CHK get to where it is today?

When we started building CHK products, we kept in mind an image of a great product that we wanted to deliver to our users. When first entering the crypto world, people often choose Metamask or Trust Wallet, but from our own experience, we find them to have many inconveniences. And we found ourselves able to solve these problems, which is why CHK Wallet was born.

For example, to help a new user experience the DeFi journey on Solana, we designed it so that whenever they create a Solana wallet (or multichain wallet) with CHK Wallet, they will be airdropped a small amount of SOL to “start up” moving”. This is extremely helpful for those new to the Solana ecosystem, as well as those who don’t realize they need this initial amount of SOL to be able to interact with Solana dApps. This unique feature sets CHK Wallet apart from other wallet products on the market.

We launched CHK Wallet early last year and have come a long way. We are proud of the achievements we have achieved so far.

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4. CHK is known for its beautiful infographics, engaging content, and of course quality research. Can you tell us how these factors affect CHK Wallet and other CHK services?

If you use Twitter, you may have known or heard of our CHK Analytics account. In just over a year, we have become a leading data sharing platform with a huge user base. Even the Venture Capital (venture funds) and major blockchain platforms also regularly share our content.

The team behind CHK Analytics keeps us abreast of all the developments on other blockchains: who is building what, the strengths and weaknesses of each protocol… From there, our team leverages their knowledge. This is useful for shaping product design and finding the right product for the market.

5. What do you see when you look at the Solana and Serum ecosystem? Which trend excites you the most? What other problems do you think needs to be solved?

Solana and Serum ecosystem is growing, so more and more users will join here.

Similar to DeFi projects in general, the interface and user experience are still an issue. Users coming from EVM-compatible chains like Ethereum or BSC are often used to using a single address for all tokens, so they may experience some confusion when experiencing Solana for the first time. This is something that can be improved upon, and now I see development teams working on this.

In terms of trends, I am excited to see many innovative ideas born on Ethereum but unable to work due to high gas fees and slow transaction times found success on Solana. These could be good examples for future Solana-based projects to follow.

Looking for more information: Solana Ecosystem Overview

6. CHK has reached the international level. In addition to a large user base from Vietnam, CHK is also famous in English-speaking countries, as well as throughout Asia. Can you share more about CHK’s global “coverage” plan? And if the world needs to know one thing about CHK, what is it?

Previously, Vietnam accounted for 80% of CHK’s total users. But recently, we have seen tremendous growth in other emerging markets like USA, Russia, Turkey, Nigeria, India and many more. We currently have around 700,000 users and Vietnam accounts for only 25% of that total. We also support up to 12 languages ​​and 34 currencies, and this allows CHK to be easily accessible to users around the globe.

If there’s one thing that you should know about CHK, it’s that we have a customer support team comprised of the best. They are working 24/7 for global coverage of CHK and are always ready to support everyone. We believe customer support is extremely important: This is why we make every customer experience with CHK super convenient and easy through an app, website or support channel Live Chat.

7. What will CHK’s upcoming roadmap look like?

We’re building a lot of things, including a staking service for C98 and a cross-chain bridge (cross-chain bridge).

For a clearer picture, you can find out Saros Finance – our own project built on Solana. Saros Finance is a DeFi project with services such as trading, staking, yield farming. Single-handedly built by CHK Labs, Saros Finance aims to attract millions of users to DeFi.

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8. Final words for CHK users and supporters?

We want to thank all users and people who have always supported CHK. Thank you for choosing us and we will give you nothing but the best!

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