CHK Labs merges CyBall, dives into Web3 Gaming

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2022-12-08 07:57:45

CyBall is a Web3 game where the player assembles CyBloc cyborgs against other teams through a variety of online game modes. According to data from Cyball, there was a time when the game had an index of daily users reaching 20,000.

Since May 2022, the crypto market has witnessed many collapses of the big guys along with consecutive bad effects, causing the number of users in all areas and projects to be significantly reduced. CyBall is also generally affected by the market. Especially after a while FTX “white knight” falls off horsethe domino effect on the market also affects CyBall, affecting the team’s work in orienting and following the plans to develop the project.

Thereby, the decision to merge CyBall into CHK opens up a new opportunity, bringing the project back to a more appropriate development vision.

Continuation the Yunero Studio dealCHK’s act of bringing CyBall to the same house has partly demonstrated the project’s vision and belief in the next development step of the Web3 gaming segment. After returning to CHK, CyBall’s project development team will remain the same and will also receive additional support resources from Yunero Studio to aim for better development of the game in the future.

Accordingly, the project’s CYB token, instead of being launched on December 10, 2022, will be postponed until the deal between CHK and CyBall is completed.

According to information from the project, the players’ previous investments will be preserved. Players will still receive ongoing support from the development team.

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