CHK Weekly Newsletter (May 10 – May 16): FUD series “pull down” the market

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2021-05-16 00:13:20

The crypto market this past week has been faced with all sorts of bad news, targeting nearly every segment of the industry, from Bitcoin (BTC), to the Binance exchange, and even cryptocurrencies. dog coin” is being very popular with FOMO in recent times.

Let’s review it all with CHK to make sure you don’t miss any important news! 😉

Cryptocurrency Market Volatility at 09:45 AM on May 16, 2021

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Analysis: In the crypto market, trust anyone but not Elon Musk!

Update: Summary of news that has made the cryptocurrency market “stretched” recently

1/ FUD focal point 🔥

Tesla stop accepting payments Bitcoin – BTC price “falling down”

– The “selling dog” phase of Vitalik Buterin What is it that is so warmly praised?

Square announced not to buy more Bitcoin

Binance was investigated by the US government for alleged “tax evasion”

Elon Musk What do you say on Saturday Night Live that makes DOGE prices 30% off?

– “Virtual currency” has entered the world KOL Vietnam how?

2/ Big Cap

Tesla Which cryptocurrency will be accepted to replace Bitcoin?

Elon Musk claims to be collaborating with DOGE . developers

SpaceX launch mission “DOGE-1 To the Moon” in 2022, accept Dogecoin as payment method

Coinbase announced to “listed DOGE” in 6-8 weeks tuần

Internet Computer (ICP) is the next “dinosaur rookie” of the crypto village?

Block.One “pumped” 10 billion USD for new EOS-based exchange, EOS price instantly increased by 50%

Price of “green energy” tokens Strong increase thanks to Tesla

Summary of super potential coins in May – 68 Trading (part 1)

Synthesis of super potential coins in May – 68 Trading (part 1)
Synthesis of super potential coins in May – 68 Trading (part 1)

3/ DeFi 🦄

Yearn Finance airdrop WOOFY – Behind a joke…a farce?

– Why Curve Finance (CRV) not fly “rooftop”? – Polygon (MATIC) perfect convergence in every way – Aura is only a matter of time?

– Number of daily transactions of Binance Smart Chain set a new record

Binance Smart Chain had a network congestion problem on 11/05, what happened?

4/ Investments from large organizations

MicroStrategy buy 271 more Bitcoin in the middle of the crypto market storm

– The largest bank in Switzerland UBS introduce crypto investments to “rich” customers

Billionaire Mark Cuban jump into the NFT game with Axie Infinity (AXS)

Palantir suddenly accept payment in Bitcoin

Avalanche Launched AVATAR Venture Fund with 20 million USD

Huobi Unified Huobi Ventures fund to focus heavily on DeFi and NFT

5/ Legal and Reception

Indonesia plans to tax crypto profits

Samsung Integrated support Ledger wallet

Amazon will launch a solution to support mining Share, “mysterious” fever from China Trung

– Online retail giant eBay support selling NFT

Andree and Wxrdie product release NFT music first in Vietnam Việt

6/ Notable events next week (May 17 – May 23) 📆

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