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2021-05-08 02:38:41

Daikin FTKZ Inverter high-end converges “5 cool standards”, bringing comfort and convenience

Maintain proper humidity to protect health

In the summer, you often feel the skin hissing, wet rooms uncomfortable. The cause is from high humidity, making it difficult for sweat on the skin to evaporate, creating an environment for mold and bacteria to grow. Therefore, maintaining the appropriate level of humidity is a concern. However, turning on the air conditioner low will make the air dry; not to mention consuming a lot of power.

In the air conditioner lines on the market, the newly launched FTKZ line of Daikin can solve the above problem by the function of Hybrid Cooling moisture balance. This feature maintains room humidity within the optimum comfort level from 55 – 65%.

Deodorizing, disinfecting for fresh air

Air quality is an issue, especially as respiratory diseases are on the rise. So, you need to equip yourself with an air conditioner capable of purifying the air like the FTKZ series.

For some bacteria or viruses that cause disease, Daikin’s exclusive Streamer technology eliminates them by releasing plasma electrodes 1,000 times higher than conventional plasma discharges. These electrons combine oxygen and nitrogen to form high-speed decomposition molecules inside the indoor unit to help decompose harmful substances on the filter, on the unit; support to bring fresh air to protect health.

Daikin’s exclusive Streamer technology eliminates bacteria and mold and protects health

In addition, the FTKZ series is equipped with an advanced Enzyme Blue filter that is effective in purifying the air. In terms of odors, the Enzyme Blue filter will remove more than 90% after just 1 hour of operation. The filter also helps to reduce allergens, reduce some types of bacteria by 99.9%, and reduce viral infections.

In addition, the FTKZ air conditioner is also equipped with a moisture-proof feature integrated with Streamer technology, which eliminates moisture and cleans the inside of the indoor unit after each use, helping to prevent the development of mildew and unpleasant odors.

More comfortable, no longer worrying about cold wind blowing on you

If you and your family do not like the cold wind blowing directly on the annoying person, the Coanda technology on the FTKZ series is really useful. The airflow is adjusted along the ceiling to avoid the wind blowing directly into the body and evenly distributed throughout the room. This feature will help you feel more comfortable and especially provide a good night’s sleep.

COANDA airflow on Daikin FTKZ goes along the ceiling to avoid blowing directly into the body

In addition, this FTKZ series – 1Hp and 1.5 Hp capacity is also equipped with 2-zone intelligent god eye with infrared sensor that also makes it easy to adjust the wind direction away or focus easily. maximum comfort

Instant cooling, instant comfort

You feel uncomfortable when the room reaches the temperature for a long time, the fast cooling feature is not to be missed. On the FTKZ series, when pressing the Powerful button on the remote, the machine will start operating at full capacity for 20 minutes to instantly cool the room.

Convenient connection, power saving and maximum durability

You often forget to turn off the air conditioner when going out or want to monitor your child’s room temperature remotely, smart phone control technology over Wifi will come in handy. This feature has been equipped with Daikin on the FTKZ series to help you no longer worry about forgetting to turn off the air conditioner while going out. In addition, you can view the parameters and operating status of the machine, thereby adjusting the appropriate temperature for your child’s room remotely or timed, and scheduled weekly through Daikin’s D-Mobile application.

D-mobile application makes it easy to control your air conditioner with your mobile device remotely

Belonging to the high-end inverter line, with the support of the above modern technologies and the intelligent eye automatically adjusts the temperature (up 2 degrees when the room has no movement for 20 minutes, returns the set temperature when detects movement in the room again) avoids wasting power, maximizes power savings. In terms of durability, the machine is equipped with the feature to protect the motherboard when the power is too high or too low, and the heat exchanger against corrosion helps you feel secure to use.

FTKZ air conditioner not only saves electricity but also solves unpleasant problems during use such as odor, humidity, airflow, ..

With nearly 100 years of experience and more than 25 years in the Vietnamese market, Daikin is the leading Japanese air conditioner specialist in terms of sales and user reliability. This not only comes from product quality, but also from professional, attentive after-sales service. Daikin Vietnam application for example helps you proactively schedule machine cleaning, warranty according to desired time, as well as describing machine condition for technical staff. FTKZ air conditioner comes with 1 year warranty for equipment and 5 years for compressors.

With Daikin FTKZ – 5 new cool standards, Vietnamese users can confidently use long-term, economical, maximum comfort and protect the environment thanks to friendly R32 gas in temperature, air quality. getting worse and worse.

Buying FTKZ air conditioner easily at Eshop Daikin, installed by a professional technician.

Recommended price: 16,490,000 VND (1.0 HP) and 19,890,000 VND (1.5 HP).



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