Choose to buy the best ‘learn and play’ tablet

Choose to buy the best ‘learn and play’ tablet

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2022-09-05 07:08:46

The tablet has a spacious size so you can meet all the criteria for studying, watching movies, surfing the web, and extremely compact when taking it anywhere you want. However, not all tablet models are right for you. This article will help you answer the above question, choose the right device that best suits your usage criteria and learning needs.

Screen size

To be able to freely struggle with the content displayed on the tablet. You should choose a size that ranges from 8~12 inches. At this size, the tablet will bring the experience of watching movies, learning and multitasking as effectively as a regular laptop or computer.

However, the large screen also means that the size of the device will become cumbersome and uncomfortable when you move the device to work, school or to a coffee shop. Perhaps at this time you should choose tablet models with sizes from 7~10 inches will be more suitable.

If you are a warrior of MOBA games, the size you should choose should be only “mini” about 7~8 inches to manipulate the game more comfortably, without becoming oversized or tired when playing. long time.

Configuration meets needs

If you only use your tablet to read newspapers, surf the web, watch movies, study lightly or make video calls, you probably don’t need to choose devices in the high-end, expensive segment. An affordable mid-range tablet also meets those criteria.

However, if you regularly use heavyweight applications such as image rendering applications, play games with high graphics, watch high-resolution movies, then you should look for new powerful performance tablets. can meet your needs.

Which operating system to choose!

iPadOS offers smooth, smooth operation with a high degree of stability. Meanwhile, AndroidOS gives you more powerful customization, comfort and flexibility when installing ‘out-of-the-box’ apps or skins. This is also a criterion that you must also keep in mind when choosing between iPad and Android tablet devices.

Battery capacity

If you only use your tablet occasionally, this probably doesn’t really matter. However, if you use your tablet as your main device every day, you should choose a model with a high battery capacity to fully meet your long day of use. Choose models with a battery capacity of 7,000mAh or more and if there is support for fast charging, it is more convenient for charging.

Tablets with 4G support

A lot of current tablet models only support Wi-Fi, so you should note this before you buy, need to check if the tablet model supports 4G network connection.

If you need to carry your device around a lot, a 4G connection is always the best choice. Allows you to access the internet from anywhere. In addition, the price of models with 4G support is still significantly higher than the version that only supports Wi-Fi. So you also need to pay attention to this issue to buy the right version that you want.


After understanding the purpose and needs of using a tablet, you can easily find a device that is right for you. And the last thing that is equally important is to choose to buy a genuine store or a reputable sales address, with a warranty so that you can rest assured to use it for a long time.

TechZ wishes you to have a satisfactory choice with the above criteria.

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