Choose which iPhone to buy ‘cheap, healthy, durable’ to welcome Tet 2023

Choose which iPhone to buy ‘cheap, healthy, durable’ to welcome Tet 2023

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2023-01-09 06:50:50

The New Year’s Day is coming, surely you have been rewarded with 13th month salary and bonus by companies? Do not hesitate any longer without buying yourself a brand new iPhone from the Apple brand. So which is the iPhone that you need in the ‘cheap, strong, durable’ criteria. Let’s take a look at the options below with TechZ.

iPhone SE (2022)

This is the lowest-priced iPhone from the Apple brand that fully meets the criteria of ‘cheap, strong, durable’ as mentioned above. Except for a modest small size, however, iPhone SE (2022) possesses very smooth performance and stable operation with Apple A15 Bionic processor chip.

With a low price, you will not get a camera system with many options such as telephoto lens, wide-angle lens. But with a single 12MP camera cluster, it is enough to give you quality images and clear details. The price of iPhone SE 2022 for 64GB standard memory version in Vietnam market is about 10 million VND. A very good price for you to experience the iOS operating system and be upgraded for a long time.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

If you do not want to spend too much money to own an iPhone 14 Pro Max, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is an option worth considering. Although iPhone 13 Pro Max is an old generation version (2021), it still possesses the current top technology and configuration. You won’t even feel the difference between the performance of the two versions of iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

All the remaining components such as screen, camera, memory, configuration – iPhone 13 Pro Max is still the ‘perfect’ version to give you the experience of a high-end phone.

The price of iPhone 13 Pro Max is currently being sold for the standard version with 128GB memory from VND 25 million.

iPhone 11

The budget is not rich but still want to choose a smartphone with a large screen, configuration is comfortable enough to be able to play games, surf the web, watch facebook. The iPhone 11 model will meet those criteria for you. The device comes with Apple A13 Bionic processor, 4GB of RAM, battery life to ensure a long day and many colors for you to choose from.

The selling price of iPhone 11 in Vietnam at this time is about more than 10 million VND. An extremely attractive price for what the iPhone model launched in 2019 brings.

iPhone 13 mini

iPhone 13 mini is a product that is extremely suitable for those who have small hands or love the compact size of this product model. The current price of iPhone 13 mini is also very reasonable compared to the time of launch a year ago.

iPhone 13 mini has a size of 5.4 inches, a very powerful Apple A15 Bionic processor, 4GB of RAM and a dual camera system for wide-angle and super-wide shooting. Battery life has also been significantly upgraded compared to its predecessor to meet you for a full day of use. Currently, iPhone 13 mini is being sold for 13 million VND.

All of the above iPhone models meet you many different criteria and needs. But in general still focus on 3 factors ‘cheap, strong and durable’. Of course, after choosing for yourself a satisfactory product, you need to consider choosing to buy at reputable establishments, with warranties or genuine dealers, the better to get the most assured experience. Please.

TechZ wishes readers a happy and prosperous new year.

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