Christopher Nolan says his movie has to be in theaters to see it properly, this YouTuber “stuffs” TENET into GameBoy to see it quality

Christopher Nolan says his movie has to be in theaters to see it properly, this YouTuber “stuffs” TENET into GameBoy to see it quality


2021-03-22 17:17:42

Christopher Nolan is a name that is so familiar to world cinema audiences, especially fans of sci-fi movies or brain-hacking works with many unexpected twists. Besides, Nolan is also known for strict experience in film, especially with the projects he produces.

Accordingly, each movie made by him is carefully weighed and counted to bring the perfect quality when shown on the big screen, in large theaters with an IMAX room, the better. Nolan was so crazy about the format that, before releasing The Dark Knight Rises, he held a separate premiere (introduction) for many directors to show them the uses of IMAX.

Christopher Nolan always encourages fans to go to theaters to fully enjoy his works.

For this reason, when TENET officially released at the end of August 2020, Nolan urged audiences to go to theaters to fully enjoy his latest enthusiastic works. However, due to the complicated happenings of the Covid-19 pandemic, and many cinemas were forced to suspend operations, his plan failed. Up to now, TENET has only earned only $ 361.3 million.

This is also part of the reason why Warner Bros. shift to plans to release movies in parallel both on HBO Max and in some theaters that are allowed to open. Nolan is one of those who strongly oppose this strategy, because he thinks that (his) movies are not made to be viewed on small screens such as smartphones, tablets or TVs.

Nolan’s act of calling on fans to go to theaters to watch TENET because “the image and sound of the movie needs to be enjoyed on the big screen” by Nolan became a popular meme by the end of 2020. And if he was so enthusiastic. YouTuber Bob Wulff also doesn’t hesitate … do the opposite: Not only watch TENET at home, but also enjoy this blockbuster in the worst possible way, it’s on the GameBoy Advance that Nintendo has been released since 2 decades ago.

Christopher Nolan says his movie has to be in theaters to see it properly, this YouTuber

Nolan tried to get fans to go to theaters to watch TENET, so this YouTuber was enjoying his blockbuster on GameBoy Advance.

To implement his idea, Bob Wulff had to use up to 5 different game tapes to record the content of TENET, each with a duration of 30 minutes. He also skillfully cut the film at transitions, instead of arbitrarily destroying the film’s circuitry. After finishing the content, he even designed extremely detailed tape packaging, fully certified and stamped by related parties. In other words, the final product that Bob Wulff produces is like actual tape cards made by Nintendo.

Due to the technological limitations of 20 years ago, this YouTuber was forced to reduce the resolution of the movie to a super low level, to only 192×128. Needless to say, the resulting image is quite blurred, not sharp on the 240×160 curtain of the GameBoy Advance. Bob said he had to choose between the duration and quality of the film. If the resolution is raised, each tape will not be able to record up to 30 minutes of such film content. In short, this is the worst way to enjoy a movie with an investment in visuals and effects like TENET, and we should listen to Nolan’s advice.

You can watch the whole process of “stuffing” TENET into Bob Wulff’s GameBoy Advance in the video below.

[Vietsub] YouTuber “stuffs” TENET into GameBoy Advance: It’s still watchable, but the quality is terrible.

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