Chromia (CHR) had a great 2021

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2021-12-31 22:29:07

This article will summarize some of the biggest 2021 highlights that Chromia has achieved and give a brief development update.

Featured events from January to November 2021

2021 is an absolutely amazing year for both Chromia in particular and the crypto sector in general. Chromia has seen the emergence of a number of new trends in the market (most importantly NFT and blockchain games), which play to the strengths of Chromia and previous efforts. Here is a short list of some of the most notable events of the year:

  • In February, Chromia published an article on the Chromia Originals NFT standard outline. Next came an article in March, announcing the completion of the internal beta. The protocol will release the mainnet in 2022 along with the Originals Hub.
  • My Neighbor Alice launched the token in March 2021. The project is a fork of Antler Interactive, which was acquired by ChromaWay in 2019. This game will use Chromia as part of the backend design.
  • On July 5, Chromia announced the integration of Binance Smart Chain into its staking program. Users were able to staking CHR on both Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain with an APR of 25%.
  • On July 28, CHR was listed on FTX – one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency exchanges in the world.
  • Mines of Dalarnia to launch token in November 2021. The project was originally a collaboration between ChromaWay and Workinman Interactive, but was later spun off independently. This game will also use Chromia as part of the backend design.
  • Chromia, My Neighbor Alice and Mines of Dalarnia have announced the launch of an $80 million Metaverse Funding Program, designed to attract third-party development into the Chromia game ecosystem.
  • In November, Chromia sent a delegation to NFT.NYC and also acted as one of the main sponsors of the event – ​​greatly enhancing Chromia’s reputation in the NFT sector.
  • Also in November 2021, Chromia announced Chromia Spaces – a multiplayer blockchain and NFT that allows games to be continuously developed.

Notable news in December

  • On December 8, Todd Miller spoke at the Blockchain Finance Forum.
  • On December 13, Gines Sanchez Navarro presented Chromia’s NFT technology at NFT Valencia.
  • Binance has included CHR, ALICE, and DAR in the Binance Cryptmas program in the Metaverse Challenge.
  • The first Dalarnia land sale event took place successfully.
  • NFT migration from Binance Smart Chain to Chromia has been implemented through Alice’s Mysterious Seed.

Update development roadmap

See more development roadmap here:

Alex Mizrahi, CTO Chromia commented: “Chromia has a master plan, but it is impossible to be too precise when it comes to completion because the development process is unpredictable.”

ICMF (Inter-Chain Messaging Facility)

One of the main areas of development at the moment is the ICMF. Chromia wants to take a moment to explain what these are and more importantly, how they set Chromia’s blockchain apart from its competitors.

Each Dapp on Chromia has its own chain attached to Chromia as a hub. This architecture overcomes some of the problems with scaling and also separates each application from the main operations of the network, making the entire network more reliable.

What ICMF does is allow information and content to move between different chains seamlessly. This opens up some exciting possibilities for Dapps and games, including a cross-game economy. On-chain messaging is not only important for operations within the Chromia network, but also for connecting and communicating with external blockchains.

ICMF is nearing completion and will undergo internal testing in January before moving to testnet and mainnet deployment.

Alice’s Mysterious Seed – BSC . ​​Bridge

This is the first time assets in the form of NFT Seeds have been transferred from Binance Smart Chain to Chromia. These NFTs are then useful for interactions in mini-games that use Chromia.

Coming out in January

  • Focus on further development of Dapp containers and ICMF
  • Open the next land sale on Mines of Dalarnia

Update information about Chromia Vietnam project here: Announcement Channel | Discussion Channel

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