Close-up of the newly launched ‘legend’ Honda Dream 2023, the price may surprise Vietnamese customers

Close-up of the newly launched ‘legend’ Honda Dream 2023, the price may surprise Vietnamese customers

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2022-12-29 18:01:42

(CHK) The ‘legendary’ model of Honda Dream that many Vietnamese customers love so much has just launched a new version and is receiving special attention from the public.

Honda Dream 2023 model has just been officially launched in December 2022 in the Cambodian market. Because Honda Dream is a “legendary” car that is especially loved by Vietnamese customers, many people believe that this new 2023 version will soon be brought to Vietnam via the unofficial route. However, the price of Honda Dream 2023 is still a big question mark.

Honda Dream 2023 was launched in Cambodia market

The price of the current Honda Dream 2023 has not been announced on the official page of Honda Cambodia. However, after using it for a few days, some owners of Honda Dream 2023 cars have re-sell this model with 99.9% new condition. Accordingly, these Honda Dream 2023 for sale are priced at between 2,100 – 2,400 USD, equivalent to about 49.5 – 56.6 million VND when converted into Vietnamese currency.

Honda Dream 2023 There are many new and more advanced points than before, typically the removal of old Halogen lamps to replace with new LED bulbs. The new Dream 2023 uses a 124.85cc, single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine with integrated PGM-Fi electronic fuel injection system.

As predicted by car experts, if brought to the Vietnamese market, Honda Dream 2023 may cost from 70 to 80 million VND. Compared to common digital car models, this is a relatively high price. However, for the followers of the Honda Dream series, this is still a relatively potential price that many people are willing to spend to satisfy their passion for this digital car.

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