Cloudflare crashes causing crypto exchanges to temporarily shut down

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2022-06-22 10:47:40

Cloudfare, a critical infrastructure provider for the global internet, recently experienced an issue that caused many cryptocurrency exchanges to temporarily shut down.

Cloudflare crashes causing crypto exchanges to temporarily shut down

Cloudfare confirmed through an update on the afternoon of June 21 that it is experiencing issues with its services and networks, and a fix is ​​currently being rolled out. This has caused Internet services around the world to halt or be slow to access. Specifically, when users tried to access certain websites, they encountered the “500 Internal Server Error” message.

However, at the time of writing, Cloudfare said that the company had successfully patched the issue, the issues are now completely resolved.

This has had a significant impact on cryptocurrency exchanges. For example, the exchange FTX has announced that the platform and the company’s websites will be difficult to access for many users.

As soon as Cloudfare fixed the problem, the FTX returned to normal operation.

Other popular exchanges such as Bitfinex and OKx have also spoken out about the challenge. Even OKx CEO Jay Hao questioned whether there would be a Web3 solution to replace Web3 in the future to avoid repeating the same trouble.

More interestingly, although most exchanges were hit, Binance was not affected. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao – who has just officially denied that the exchange “bottom-fishing” 100,000 Bitcoins, explained that the reason Binance is still “standing” is because the platform is completely “decentralized”. Binance has a backup system for bad cases to ensure the progress of users’ transactions.

Basically, Cloudflare is one of the leading providers of network infrastructure for businesses as well as allowing them to publish documents online. Recently, Cloudflare planned to prepare to run a node for Ethereum.

This is not the first time Cloudfare has encountered a problem, causing ripple effects in the crypto world. In August 2020, a similar development caused Bitfinex and other major crypto sites to simultaneously lose connection with the community.

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