CME Group launched Micro Bitcoin Futures in May

CME Group launched Micro Bitcoin Futures in May


2021-03-31 00:34:20

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Giant derivative exchange CME Group will launch Micro Bitcoin Futures on May 3, subject to regulatory approval.

“Micro Bitcoin Futures are 1/10 of a bitcoin in order to provide a cost effective way,” said CME.

CME has allowed clients to trade bitcoin futures since December 2017 and is one of the leading exchanges in the field of cryptocurrency derivatives.

“Since the launch of bitcoin futures in 2017, we have seen steady, continuous growth in liquidity and market participation in our crypto derivative products. institutional investors ”, said CME Group.

Talking about the plan to launch Micro Bitcoin Futures, CME representative Tim McCourt said:

“The introduction of Micro Bitcoin Futures will directly meet the demand for smaller sized contracts from more customers and will provide more options. Participants can transact transparently and efficiently regulated bitcoin futures contracts at the CME Group ”

bitcoin futures

This year, CME has recorded 13,800 bitcoin futures (approximately 69,000 bitcoins) traded on average per day.

CME also launched ethereum futures last month, in which an average of 767 contracts are traded per day (equivalent to 38,400 ETH) since its launch.

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