CME will launch micro Bitcoin futures contracts in May 2021

CME will launch micro Bitcoin futures contracts in May 2021


2021-04-02 03:43:16

Bitcoin still proves unbeatable despite having suffered a relatively deep correction in March. That increases the undeniable appeal of the king of crypto. Recently, the giant derivative exchange company, CME Group, announced it would launch a micro Bitcoin futures contract on May 3, subject to regulatory review.

Specifically, micro Bitcoin futures will be 1/10 of the size of a Bitcoin, aiming to provide a cost-effective way to get BTC exposure. CME has been offering Bitcoin futures contracts since December 2017 and is one of the leading institutions in the crypto derivative space.

Tim Court, global director of CME Group, said the introduction of micro Bitcoin futures directly met the need for smaller scale contracts from many customers and would offer a wide range of options, more precision in how participants can trade Bitcoin futures.

Also in February 2021, CME officially launched Ethereum futures trading. The heat and demand from customers has pushed the number of nearly 400 CME ETH futures traded on the first day of its listing. This proves that the derivative market is extremely fertile.

With these achievements, CME became the largest Bitcoin Futures exchange in the world, surpassing OKEx and Binance. The upcoming expansion of micro Bitcoin contracts clearly represents the giant’s ambition to dominate a broader market share and expand its position with global competitors.

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