Co-Founder & CEO Nguyen The Vinh: ‘On the road to success, there are no footprints of lazy people’

Co-Founder & CEO Nguyen The Vinh: ‘On the road to success, there are no footprints of lazy people’


2021-06-02 22:56:18

Mr. Nguyen The Vinh (SN 1992), hometown in Vinh Phuc province. Currently, he is living and working in the city. HCM. Mr. The Vinh is currently a Co-Founder & CEO in the field of technology.

Although he is still young, Mr. Nguyen The Vinh has achieved many successes in the field of technology.

Hi, being a famous CEO at a young age, how has this directly affected you? Do you ever fall asleep on victory?

Thanks for your interesting question. In 2010, I won a 100% full scholarship from FPT University. From 2014 to 2017, I worked as a software engineer at FPT Software Corporation in Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. In 2017, I co-founded and ran VIC Group, the largest Cryptocurrency Research and Investment Community using 4.0 technology in Vietnam 2017.

CEO Nguyen The Vinh and associates.

The biggest turning point in 2019, I co-founded a pioneering and tech-focused startup. By January 2020, the section attracted more than 200,000 users across more than 20 countries. This is a huge success step in my career.

In April 2021, following the success, I completed the first round of funding for the largest investment fund in the US, combined with talented investment tycoons around the world.

That’s not to say I’ve never failed. When I first started a business, I had a big failure, I had to persevere and try to overcome it.

So how did you overcome that failure?

I really like the saying: “On the road to success, there are no footprints of lazy people”. In work as well as in life, we will encounter countless failures and draw valuable lessons and experiences.

When you fail, never give up, be patient and calm to overcome. Where we fall, we get up and do it again. I am considered one of the pioneers in the industry, so there is almost no seniority to guide and help me, I have to tinker with and diligently study each strategic path.

The field of technology is not an easy profession, so what qualities does the profession require for participants, sir?

The job I’m pursuing is the field with the most rapid change, in order to succeed, it is necessary to go through many challenges, difficulties, and even many failures. To be successful, technology people need to be sensitive to the times, adapt to the rigors, have foresight, study hard and be bold.

Mr. Nguyen The Vinh shared about the difficulties at work.

Busy work, how do you arrange time for family?

Work is very busy, I have little time to rest, travel to relax. However, due to the nature of my work, I can still have time to myself, so I can still arrange a balance between work and family. In the future, I want to challenge more fields, cultivate more interesting startup projects.

Mr. The Vinh always focuses on fostering knowledge, wisdom and professional ethics for young people.

In addition, I also want to help more young people develop in this field, because this is a profession with sharp thinking and high income opportunities.

Thank you for the sincere and useful sharing of CEO Nguyen The Vinh. Wishing you good health and much success in your work!



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