Coca-Cola joins NFT trend with charity auction for digital collections

Coca-Cola joins NFT trend with charity auction for digital collections

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2021-07-28 18:20:21

The Coca-Cola brand has teamed up with 3D creators at Tafi to host an auction for special edition virtual “Boot Boxes” by NFT. All profits from the event will be donated to a special Olympics where Coca-Cola has been a longtime sponsor.

Coca-Cola joins NFT trend with charity auction for digital collections

Recently, beverage company Coca-Cola has made a breakthrough when entering the world of NFT. They do this through a partnership with Tafi, a company that specializes in custom avatar creation and 3D content production.

To celebrate International Friendship Day on July 30, Coca-Cola will hold an auction for “Boot Boxes” NFTs created by Tafi. This kit includes digital costumes that can be used in Decentraland (MANA) – a decentralized open-access 3D virtual reality platform built on Ethereum.

“This is an exciting space, because it’s so new, and we felt there was something exciting about not knowing exactly what was going to be in the loot box. It provides a way to bring the idea of ​​friendship to life, with each different component a unique expression.” – Josh Schawarber, Senior Director of Global Digital Design, Coke.

During the event, participants can bid on the “Coca-Cola Friendship Box” – a virtual game on the brand’s traditional vending machine. When opened, the box will reveal more gifts such as:

  • The “Coca-Cola Bubble Jacket” can be worn with the brand’s red and brown metallic tag.
  • “Friendship Card”, a new version of the exchange card, focusing on the brand’s friendship from the 1940s
  • “Audio Visualizer” to engage users with the familiar sounds of the bottle cap popping and the sound of Coke when it is first poured into an ice glass

Traditional Coca-Cola vending machine used to open NFT boxes N

In addition, the winner can access other exclusive digital collectibles when opening the “Boot Box”. This is considered a strategy to stimulate and affirm the identity and core values ​​of the Coca-Cola brand in the hearts of consumers.

“We have a history of bringing people together through our brand and came up with the idea of ​​a “Surprise and Fun Friendship Box” to mark International Friendship Day, and now there is something else separate from the NFT.” – Mr. Schawarber

Besides, Josh Schawarber also added that Coca-Cola wants to enter the NFT world because it has many elements similar to the core values ​​of the brand.

“NFTs are sensory and interactive, they can be enjoyed over and over again – just like Coke products” – Josh Schawarber’s thoughts on NFT

Agreeing with the view of the senior director from Coca-Cola, Tafi’s CEO – Mr. Duperron also said:

“Coca-Cola is one of the most iconic brands in history, so with its beloved collectibles, NFT seems like a natural step forward today.”

The auction will be held from July 30 to August 2 on the famous NFT trading platform, OpenSea. Profits from the auction will be donated to a special Olympic event. This is also an activity that Coca-Cola has supported since its founding in 1968.

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