CocaCola launches NFT on Polygon to celebrate international friendship day 8/8

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2022-08-09 02:28:41

The world’s leading beverage brand, CocaCola has just launched its unique NFT collection on the Polygon blockchain. Event on the occasion of International Friendship Day 8/8.

August 8 – International Friendship with Coca Cola

According to the official announcement from the Polygon team, the new NFT collections will have a special “share-to-reveal” feature, meaning they are only visible after being shared. with friends.

“CocaCola wants to thank those who have accompanied the brand on their journey to the metaverse over the past year by giving away a special collection on International Friendship Day 2022.” – Coca-Cola representative said.

It is known that the designers of the collection drew inspiration from the bubbles in the Coca-Cola bottle to portray the theme of connection and solidarity. The NFT collection will be donated to e-wallets holding the Coca-Cola BST before July 30.

“International Friendship Day, the day we begin our journey into the metaverse in 2021, is an important milestone for which we want to thank and appreciate those who have accompanied us. We hope to grow the community by building connections through both virtual and real experiences.” – Pratik Thakar, Director of Strategy at Coca-Cola.

In addition, any NFT buyers this time will have the opportunity to receive rewards and exciting experiences such as exploring Coke Studio, participating in gaming events and experiencing the company’s limited edition products.

CocaCola released a collection of 4,000 NFTs on International Friendship Day 2021. On the occasion of “Burger Day” and “Pride Day”, the brand also launched two limited edition collections to honor the community. LGBT community.

NFT Pride Day was released by Coca a while ago to honor the LGBT community
NFT Pride Day was released by Coca a while ago to honor the LGBT community

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