Code MU Miracle and how to enter the code

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2021-07-09 22:42:44

Besides MU Beyond the Times, MU Miracle is a new MU game that helps gamers find MU Online memories for a while.

Like many other MMORPG games, MU Miracle gives gamers familiar character classes such as Swordsman (DK), Witch (DW), Archer (Elf). Each character class will have its own skills and strengths that are suitable for the gameplay of many people.

The game currently has two versions, on the mobile platform and on the web platform. You can login your account on both platforms and play.

The game also has many events organized by the game publisher for players to receive codes and enter event gifts like MU’s code beyond the Times. Besides, there are also novice codes, event codes… Here’s how to get the MU Miracle code and how to enter the code.

Giftcode MU Miracle and how to receive the code

Step 1: Visit the link to receive the code below and log in to your account that has played MU Miracle. Then in the general giftcode section, choose to change, right below you can also see the events taking place on the game’s fanpage.

Link to receive code MU Miracle

Step 2: When switching to the code input section, select the server and character to receive the giftcode and click Continue.


Step 3: The message of successful gift exchange appears as shown below that you have completed entering the giftcode MU Miracle already.


Step 4: In the game, you can receive the gift by selecting the Mail icon, selecting the letter with the giftcode sent back.

Press Take and the gift will automatically be transferred to your inventory.


So you have entered the code MU Miracle and received the gift through the instructions above. Gifts from the code are not much, but will help newbies get used to the game faster and help increase the character’s strength faster.

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