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2021-05-22 15:31:01

Famous Generals 3Q is a card game based on the story of the Three Kingdoms period. Players will be able to recreate famous battles based on familiar characters such as Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang, Lu Bo, Guan Yu…

Players will have to arrange the squad, recruit famous generals to suit the strategy. Each champion will have its own characteristics such as recovery, defense, along with skills such as combination attack, charm, and attributes…

And like many other games, 3Q General also supports gamers with giftcode gifts. There are codes for newbies and there are event codes for gamers to join. Here’s how to get the 3D Generals code and how to enter the code.

Giftcode DT3Q, how to enter giftcode Danh General 3Q

Step 1: Visit the website to receive the code of Danh General 3Q by following the link below. Then log in to the account of the 3Q Generals that you have played in, select the server and the character you want to receive gifts from the giftcode. Next choose List of available codes.

Link to enter code of 3Q Generals

Step 2: Here will be a list of valid giftcodes of 3Q Generals. Any code that still displays the word Get, that code will still be valid, when it expires they will display the word Taken. Click on the word Get in the line of code you want to change.

enter code dt3q

The message is displayed as shown below, click OK.

enter code 3q

Step 3: Re-enter the game, select the Mail item in the main interface of the game.

enter code 3q

In the mailbox you will see the giftcode gifts, click Receive to receive the gift in that particular giftcode message or click Receive all in the lower left corner to receive the entire gift from the Giftcode.

giftcode 3q

Then go to the Bag to check your gift.

giftcode 3q

And you will see the gifts from your giftcode.

giftcode 3q

The valid codes in the current 3Q Generals are:

  • DT3QVIP2021
  • DT3QVIP666
  • DT3QVIP888
  • DT3Q904913
  • DT3Q535242
  • DT3Q298941

Quite a lot of code for newbies to get support right from the start of the game. Among the giftcode giftcode 3Q Generals sent to you will include generals chest, Hoang Kim chest, Danh General Lenh …

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