Code PUBG Mobile, how to enter the Code PUBG Mobile to receive gifts

Code PUBG Mobile, how to enter the Code PUBG Mobile to receive gifts


2021-03-23 06:03:21

Events in PUBG Mobile are not lacking and are always updated seasonally so that gamers have the opportunity to own costumes, gun skins, vehicles and in-game money.

However, the PUBG Mobile gift code entry is not often used because there are not many events receiving gifts from this code. Contrary to Code Free Fire

But PUBG Mobile also has Giftcodes to distribute gifts to players, although this event is not very frequent. But it also supports the player with very attractive gifts. PUBG Mobile code list and how to enter the code below for you to enter the code and get gifts.

PUBG Mobile Code and how to enter the code

Step 1: First, visit the PUBG Mobile code entry address below. Then enter your character ID, to get your character ID go to the main interface of the game. Click on the avatar to see the character ID, after entering all the information, click Redeem.

Link to enter PUBG Mobile code

Step 2: The character information panel appears, click OK if the information is correct.

code pubgm

Step 3: Re-enter the game, select the Hidden list icon below the image.

code pubgm

Choose Letters.

code pubgm

And receive the reward corresponding to the Redeem Code PUBG Mobile entered there.

code pubgm

The rewards for gamers from Giftcode, although not great and irregular, but for new players, more or less will help the rookie money and costumes.

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