Coin98 Wallet Weekly Recap Mar.22-28

Coin98 Wallet Weekly Recap Mar.22-28


2021-03-29 06:07:35

Coin98 Mobile Wallet has been updated to version 8.6.5 with performance improvements. Version 4.3.2 of Coin98 Wallet will be available in the coming days. In the upcoming v9.0 update, there will be Cross-Chain Swap v1 and other interesting features coming soon. While waiting for the new update of Coin98 Wallet, let’s take a look at the past week’s activities.

New integrations and updates

Newly supported Dapps

LaunchZone: One of the top decentralized exchange and ecosystem on the BSC is now available on Coin98 Wallet. You can experience swap X, Pool X, Pad X directly on Coin98 Wallet.

Features coming soon

Coin98 Wallet Mobile v9.0 is coming soon with Cross-chain v1. In this release, Coin98 Wallet will issue:

  • Cross-Chain Swap.
  • Cross-Chain Smart Order Routing.

With these features, Coin98 Wallet will help you “Skin in the game” better.

New tokens supported

  • $ XEND (ERC20), native token of Xendfinance, a Dao Maker SHO has just been Public Sale at BalancerLabs and listed on Uniswap.
  • $ SHYFT (ERC20), native token of Shyf Network, a credential verification platform.
  • Coin98 Wallet has received numerous requests to support new tokens belonging to ETH and BSC. Coin98 Wallet has recorded and supported these requests, you can send the tokens you want to be supported by Coin98 Wallet under this form.

Social Activities, Airdrop and Bounty

Event “Let’s X Pawty & Share 20,000 $ DOGE”

“Have fun with tail” – Race to top X to compete with Coin98 Wallet.

The top 10 people with the most X points together share the 20,000 DOGE pool. See more details here.

Time: From 24.03.2021 to 23:59 on 31.03.2021.

Retroactive Airdrop

Coin98 Wallet had a Retroactive Airdrop of $ 2,500 LIC for users who used PancakeSwap directly on Coin98 Wallet or had more than 10,000 X-Points.

Following Coin98 above Twitter and Telegram so as not to miss the airdrops.

Coin98 Wallet AMA with MAPS_ME

Along with Solana’s tremendous growth, will bring DeFi to increasingly popularize in the world. Ambassador of MAPS.ME – Marco had a very interesting AMA with Coin98 Wallet.

Coin98 Wallet AMA with AIOZ

With the decentralized vision and belief that will be the future, not only in the financial sector but also in many other fields. AIOZ Network has been making dCDN (Decentralized Content Delivery Network) more and more successful. Please read the recap of this AMA session of Coin98 Wallet and representatives from AIOZ.

Coin98 Wallet AMA with XEND Finance

XEND Finance, a DeFi Platform for Credit Unions and Cooperatives.

With experts in Mathematics, Finance, Cryptography and Blockchain in the development team, XEND finance will bring a big step forward for the Cryptocurrency market in the coming time.

Community Call # 1

Some key information about the Community Call meeting with Coin98 Founder:

  1. Overview of the Coin98 Finance ecosystem.
  2. Introducing new products from Coin98 Finance Labs.
  3. Open discussion about Coin98 and crypto.

Please review the Community Call session here:

There will be more Community Call sessions to help you better participate in the Crypto market, stay tuned!

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