Coinbase hired a former SEC official at a pivotal moment before going public

Coinbase hired a former SEC official at a pivotal moment before going public


2021-04-01 23:15:57

Brett Redfearn is officially vice president of Coinbase’s new product for capital markets, a strategic “investment” for Coinbase before going public.

Coinbase announced on March 30 that Redfearn, who previously ran the SEC’s trading and markets division, left the SEC at the end of last year, will oversee exchange operations, brokerage services, and depository at Coinbase.

This is an extremely knowledgeable figure who is crucial to Coinbase at this point, in the setup phase to list his shares over the next week or two. The company is also navigating a different regulatory environment in Washington and around the world.

Redfearn will be responsible for defining and shaping the vision and strategy for setting the global standard for crypto capital markets. Includes crypto asset securities and Coinbase trading platforms. He used to be a veteran of JP Morgan. Redfearn has led more than 250 employees at the SEC in a department whose duties include developing new rules for the crypto market.

At Coinbase, as an ex-SEC, Redfearn is likely to play a pivotal role in being the bridge between regulatory authorities and exchanges. For example, Gary Gensler, the new chairman of the SEC, who has a very positive opinion about cryptocurrencies. Hope with Coinbase Extremely Quality Addition. The door to the crypto market will open even wider.

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