CoinEx Charity Launches $10 Million Charity Fund to Improve Global Social Welfare

CoinEx Charity Launches $10 Million Charity Fund to Improve Global Social Welfare

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2022-03-07 14:37:23

CoinEx Charity Launches $10 Million Charity Fund to Improve Global Social Welfare

According to the World Agency for Food Security and Nutrition in 2021, to eliminate hunger by 2030, there will be about 660 million more people facing hunger. In terms of universal education, UNESCO says there will be 220 million children, adolescents and young adults out of school by 2030. To build a brighter new world, CoinEx Charity, the online charity belong CoinExlaunched a $10 million fund in pursuit of its mission of “making the world a better place through blockchain.”

The funds will be used for charities worldwide, contributing to global social welfare, focusing on human development, education, poverty alleviation, emergency relief and care. global public health.

Since 2021, CoinEx Charity has organized many charity events large and small in the Philippines and Nigeria.

Charity Without Borders: Love is Infinite

In addition, in the past time CoinEx Charity has continuously launched charity events around the world. This organization has funded living supplies and medical support for people in poor areas and helped children in different countries have access to equal education. When the disaster struck, the organization provided immediate emergency aid to the affected areas. CoinEx Charity has set an example in promoting global philanthropy and expanding its influence on social welfare.

CoinEx has also sponsored many football matches in Belarus, giving out free tickets and training to local children in the region. These charitable activities are not only helping to realize the “soccer dreams” of children, but also a ticket to affirm their love for sports and life.

CoinEx charity trip in Belarus

In December 2021, CoinEx Charity awarded 700 care packages for children at Uniuyo Teaching Hospital in Nigeria. These are extremely heartwarming and meaningful gifts for society. CoinEx has always made efforts for charity activities and joined hands to help disadvantaged people.

CoinEx charity trip in Nigeria

After Typhoon Rai made landfall in the Philippines in January 2022, CoinEx immediately dispatched support teams to the three hardest hit areas to provide emergency aid. Not stopping there, CoinEx also donated funds to the local government to support disaster relief and reconstruction.

CoinEx charity trip in the Philippines

During the Iranian New Year earlier this year, CoinEx Charity visited remote villages in Isfahan and distributed food packages to 100 poor families.

CoinEx charity trip in Iran

CoinEx Charity has organized charity events in Belarus, Nigeria, Philippines and Iran regions. Through these visits, CoinEx wants to convey the message of love and compassion to every corner of the planet.

Charity is more than just a donation. Going from donation to empowerment, charity is life-long support. At CoinEx Charity, philanthropic efforts are always promoted. The organization has been and will continue to be involved in volunteer teaching, medical donation and disaster relief programs around the world.

In the future, blockchain will be combined with social welfare, CoinEx Charity will take full advantage of blockchain and dedicate itself to charity activities, how to build a bridge to happiness social benefits between countries.

While carrying out social responsibility, CoinEx Charity has not forgotten to raise public awareness of philanthropy through its social influence. Day by day, CoinEx is still calling for sponsors as well as influential organizations to join hands and contribute to global social welfare.

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