CoinEx is honored to accompany Blockchain Global Day Vietnam

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2022-08-05 13:43:46

CoinEx is very honored to accompany the Blockchain Global Day held in Vietnam on July 29.

CoinEx is honored to accompany Blockchain Global Day Vietnam

As reported by CHK, on July 29, CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) attended the 2022 Global Blockchain Festival taking place in Ho Chi Minh City. The exhibition with the theme “Into the Infinity Con-Verse” attracted many local startups and encouraged them to launch blockchain applications focused on gaming and finance to solve the problems hindering the development of blockchain. current blockchain. The event gathered many experts as well as thousands of guests.

Notably, the event also featured major international blockchain names, especially Binance. CoinEx was also invited to join the festival as one of the sponsors. Here, CoinEx has set up brand booths and spoke online on the metaverse. Through the event, CSC has established a friendship bridge between the organization itself and the Vietnamese blockchain community.

CoinEx booth at Blockchain Global Day

Since its founding over a year ago, CSC has always sought to build an efficient, interoperable and fully open decentralized financial system. With a grand vision of “becoming the infrastructure of the blockchain world”, CSC is facilitating the transformation of infrastructure as well as expanding the DeFi application ecosystem.

CoinEx Presence at Blockchain Global Day

When it comes to blockchain infrastructure, CSC focuses on providing infrastructure services to developers and users. Over the past 12 months, the chain has made many significant technical upgrades. For example, CSC mainnet release and blockchain explorer, as well as cross-chain bridges between CSC and Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and TRON. In addition, with CSC Cross-chain Bridge, users do not need to pay any fees for swapping assets on another chain to CSC. Explorer has also been optimized several times and now supports CRC721 NFT, contract verification, and on-chain data summarization.

CSC also set up a multi-million dollar budget and special funding support of $5 million for the Metaverse ecosystem. Recently, the organization launched the CoinEx Ambassador program around the world, bringing many projects to the CSC ecosystem. Back in September last year, CSC held its first hackathon and attracted many promising projects and excellent developers. The second CSC Global Hackathon Grants will officially start on August 10, see details here:

CSC has witnessed the remarkable development of blockchain technology in Vietnam. In recent years, Vietnam has resonated with the world According to TechSci Research, a global market research firm, Vietnam’s key industries, such as healthcare, energy , transportation and manufacturing, blockchain integration is also required if further growth is to be expected. It is expected that from 2023 to 2027, Vietnam’s blockchain market will double in size.

It’s an honor to be invited to attend Blockchain Global Day, CSC discussed future application scenarios and blockchain implementations with colleagues from around the world. In the future, CSC will continue to commit to the industry and strive for more success. Together, CSC and its colleagues will strengthen the interests and position of blockchain globally.

About CoinEx and ViaBTC’s Ecosystem

CoinEx is a professional cryptocurrency exchange service provider with a global scale of operations. CoinEx exchange was established on 12/2017, and is headquartered in Hong Kong. CoinEx is developed by elite staff in various fields such as Blockchain, finance and services. CoinEx is a member of ViaBTC ecosystem which includes: CoinEx Cryptocurrency Exchange, CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC), OneSwap Decentralized Exchange, ViaBTC Pool, ViaWallet Wallet, Investment Fund ViaBTC Capital investment.

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