CoinEx offers 10,000 free futures trading slots

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2022-05-21 20:40:29

From May 19 to May 27, CoinEx will officially launch a special event, bringing 10,000 free futures contracts to the community.

CoinEx offers 10,000 free futures trading slots

Futures are a popular financial derivative, especially perpetual futures. As the market expands, futures volume also increases. According to data from coinglass, the daily trading volume of crypto futures in March 2020 was only 10 billion USD and this number increased to 500 billion USD in May 2021. In the wake of the recent winter market, futures trading volume slipped to $200 billion on May 10.

CoinEx has never stopped creating the best conditions for its users. From May 19 to May 27, CoinEx will open free futures trading to 10,000 users on Twitter and Instagram. To participate in the event, users should tweet with the hashtag #CoinExFutures and have a CoinEx account on Twitter or Instagram. After the event ends, CoinEx will hold a draw to select 10,000 lucky people, each of whom will receive a futures trial fund worth 5 USD. After experiencing futures trading on CoinEx, a user can submit an improvement proposal for the project, for each accepted proposal, the user will receive an additional 100 CET.

About CoinEx and ViaBTC’s Ecosystem

CoinEx is a professional cryptocurrency exchange service provider with global operations. CoinEx exchange was established on 12/2017, and is headquartered in Hong Kong. CoinEx is developed by elite staff in various fields such as Blockchain, finance and services. CoinEx is a member of the ViaBTC ecosystem which includes: CoinEx Cryptocurrency Exchange, CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC), OneSwap Decentralized Exchange, ViaBTC Pool, ViaWallet Wallet, Investment Fund ViaBTC Capital investment.

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