CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) continues to grow despite market conditions

CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) continues to grow despite market conditions

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2022-07-23 00:49:40

CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) is one of the few public chains that continues to invest and grow at the present time. What prompted such bold action plans?

CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) continues to grow despite market conditions

Having experienced a crypto boom in the past two years, the market has now gone through a rather harsh winter. Many projects are cutting costs and some are even facing bankruptcy.

CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC) is one of the few public chains that continues to invest and grow. So what motivated CSC to continue with such a bold action plan? The answer lies with CoinEx, the team behind this efficient and decentralized public chain.

Having devoted himself to the crypto industry for many years, CoinEx has invested in multiple blockchain portfolios, expanding exchanges, crypto wallets, mining pools, and public chains. These are all blockchain infrastructures that the project is confident in their long-term prospects, regardless of market conditions.

On June 30, CSC, together with projects in the ecosystem, organized a series of online events to celebrate its one year anniversary. The event left many impressions and built confidence in the community about the future of blockchain.

After trying out many dApps on CSC, here are some projects that provide a great experience that the community should try.

CoinEx Smart Chain Ecosystem


OneSwap is a cryptocurrency exchange that converges many advantages of both CEX and DEX. In addition to common basic features, OneSwap also provides functions such as decentralized and trade-oriented transactions. In addition, the exchange also applies the order book transaction model, which is commonly used in CEX exchanges. In other words, with OneSwap, users not only participate in fast DEX transactions, but also can place trading orders easily and conveniently. In addition, OneSwap also allows users to review order history and on-chain transactions.

Also within the framework of the 1st anniversary of establishment, OneSwap has launched a special bounty program Predict-to-EarnBTC price prediction with extremely attractive bonus pool.

Cross-chain bridge CSC

As we all know, different public blockchain ecosystems are like islands and it is often difficult to communicate/transact with each other, which hinders the development of blockchain industry.

In order to solve the above problem, CoinEx has built and launched cross-chain bridge CSC between CSC and ETH, BTC and Tron. Thanks to this bridge, communication between the CSC ecosystem and many other chains is easier.


CSC uses PoS consensus mechanism and validator will approve on-chain transactions and receive corresponding remuneration. However, this operation can be very difficult for general users. And that’s also the reason IFPool born.

IFPool is a liquidity staking protocol on CSC. IFPool offers extremely simple operations and users can start staking CET and get attractive profits.


As DeFi continues to expand, financial lending services become increasingly popular among crypto holders. In the CSC ecosystem, there is also a similar product WaterLoan yield substantial interest rates.

WaterLoan offers substantial interest

With WaterLoan, users can not only deposit tokens to receive profits, but also be invited to participate in other activities such as mining and arbitrage through lending to maximize the value of the cryptocurrency. goods that are held.

About CoinEx and ViaBTC’s Ecosystem

CoinEx is a professional cryptocurrency exchange service provider with a global scale of operations. CoinEx exchange was established on 12/2017, and is headquartered in Hong Kong. CoinEx is developed by elite staff in various fields such as Blockchain, finance and services. CoinEx is a member of ViaBTC ecosystem which includes: CoinEx Cryptocurrency Exchange, CoinEx Smart Chain (CSC), OneSwap Decentralized Exchange, ViaBTC Pool, ViaWallet Wallet, Investment Fund ViaBTC Capital investment.

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