Coins Dogs and Cats Take the Throne, Platforms Compete for Growth

Coins Dogs and Cats Take the Throne, Platforms Compete for Growth

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2021-11-05 15:20:07

Hi guys, this is the “On The Road” Series, with the purpose of summarizing the week through Infographic images, to provide the most intuitive market insights for you.

Coming to number 34 of the series, the highlights of the past week will be mentioned in the article below. Guys, let’s get started!

Market overview for the week

The past week has been a crazy week for the market with the growth of a series of cryptocurrencies across ecosystems: the top 7 most searched coins in 7 days also show this. In the top 30, there are many names such as SHIB, SAMO, KUMA, BABYDOGE, ELON, DOG,…

In addition, SHIB and DOGE have firmly stood in the top 10 marketcap positions, with a huge market capitalization, many times higher than DeFi applications or platform coins.

The source: CHK Analytics

Next, we will come to the news to look forward to next week.

Featured news in DeFi Categories last week

The picture of DAOs in the market

The number of DAOs in the market is increasing rapidly day by day, the quality of DAOs is also increasing rapidly, with good organization and high goals and consistency.

Below, I will join you in classifying DAOs according to the purpose of DAO’s operation, thereby finding the array you want to search and join. Joining DAOs is also one of the good sources of jobs in the market, not only because of working directly on the project and understanding the project build process, but also because of the relatively large income in the crypto market compared to the crypto market. with other fields.

Learn more about investment potential and opportunities with DAO through: What is DAO??

The source: CHK Analytics

Transaction volume on platforms

Platforms have continuously grown in recent years, along with a sudden increase in the number of platform transactions. Platforms have continuously reached ATH in the number of transactions over the past time, because the activity on those platforms is increasing.

Although Ethereum is the largest platform, Solana, Tron, and BSC are the leaders respectively. Polygon is also about to surpass Ethereum to take this 4th place.

The source: CHK Analytics

Fundraising events in the past week

In the past week, the fundraising market has been extremely active, with more than 600 million USD announced raised by projects in the past week. Led by Alchemy with $250 million, Sino Global Capital raised $200 million from FTX, Coinlist raised $100 million, Drift Labs raised $3.8 million to develop Derivatives on Solana,…

Details: Active funds, more than $600M raised in the past week

The source: CHK Insights

Social signal of NFT projects in the market

NFT projects in the past time have attracted a lot of attention from the community, not only because Play-to-earn games have a large number of players, but also applications related to Metaverse and NFTs. Market attracted a lot of attention, with Facebook changing its name to Meta.

Let’s see, in the past week, which NFT project received the most attention from the community!

Find out about the Metaverse trend and Facebook’s company name change right here: What is Trend Metaverse??

The source: CHK Insights

One Page in the past week

Ariadne Finance is an application aimed at the cross-chain applications market, allowing users to comfortably and quickly use applications on many different chains.

With the project token coming soon and running on many chains including Polygon, BSC, Ethereum, Near via Aurora, you can take a look at the project and look for opportunities.

The source: CHK Insights

Next, Zapper is a dashboard that aggregates DeFi applications, making it easy for users to interact with applications on a single interface. In addition, Zapper is also known for its extremely attractive NFT Rewards for users, and is currently launching season two of this NFT rewards event.

Explore more: Instructions to participate in receiving NFT on Zapper

The source: CHK Insights

Mines of Dalarnia is one of the first NFT gaming projects to be sold on Binance Launchpool. With many interesting features, unique and fancy gameplay, let’s take a look at this game!

The source: CHK Insights

Icon Ecosystem is one of the ecosystems with an extremely large community in Korea and is extremely active. The backer of the project is also extremely powerful, with many large backers such as Hashed, Pantera, Kenetic, and many other backers.

More importantly, the project has partnerships with many other ecosystems such as BSC, NEAR, Harmony, … to implement its vision of becoming an intermediary blockchain.

The source: CHK Insights

Highlights in Ecosystems

Harmony ecosystem grows rapidly

The Avalanche ecosystem has had a relatively large number of projects, and is developing continuously in recent times. All fields have had important pieces of the puzzle, projects are also making important strides, many strategies to attract users to the platform.

Do you guys observe or invest in the Harmony ecosystem? Please comment below to let me know!

The source: CHK Analytics

Dfinity Ecosystem

Dfinity Ecosystem There have also been many breakthrough developments in the past time, the explosion of NFT projects in the ecosystem. NFT projects are continuously launched, attracting a large number of investors and players.

With the current metaverse and NFT gaming trends, it is possible that the next time will be a time of explosion for NFT in the ICP ecosystem, when the attention of the community has been devoted to this ecosystem.

The source: CHK Analytics

TVL on BSC . ​​ecosystem

BSC . ​​Ecosystem is the ecosystem with the second largest amount of TVL in the whole market. Let’s take a look at the top 10 TVLs in this ecosystem. In this top 10 projects, the top TVL mainly belongs to DeFi projects (mainly DEX), such as PancakeSwap, MDEX, Bakeryswap, Biswap,…

In addition, there is also a game project with a large number of TVL on the BSC system and reached the top 10, which is Wanaka Farm.

The source: CHK Analytics


In the past time, the memecoin and Defi craze on ecosystems has made a strong comeback. Competing growth platforms such as Avalanche, Fantom, … and the cat and dog coins are also continuously increasing. You should closely monitor the market, look for investment opportunities and do not rush and FOMO, otherwise you will incur unnecessary losses.

In summary, the information to pay attention to in the past week includes:

  • More than half a billion dollars in fundraising was announced in the past week.
  • Coin dogs and cats witnessed spectacular growth.

See you in the next issue of “On The Road”. Don’t forget to subscribe and join CHK Insights’ groups and channels below to discuss with admins and other community members:



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