Collecting ‘green ticks’ – the wrong move of Meta?

Collecting ‘green ticks’ – the wrong move of Meta?

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2023-03-02 17:10:39

Vietnam currently has more than 60 million Facebook accounts, including many green accounts. If we look at the green checkmark, next to a certain account on Facebook, we can immediately understand that this is an official account and the account holder has a great influence on the community. However, when there is money, anyone can buy this vestige, does the “seal of the owner” still have any meaning?

With 300 thousand dong, are you willing to spend this money to authenticate as an account holder on social networks. Survey right on the fanpage of VTV24 News Center has received more than 6,300 answers, nearly 500 comments. And surprisingly, not a single audience chose the support option, many people even dropped the haha ​​icon, apparently not supporting this decision of Facebook.

Even in Australia, where Meta tested the first paid service, users were not very interested.

Ainsley Jade – City of Sydney: “I think most of my friends laugh at this Facebook decision, there’s no way you and I will pay for Facebook.”

Many people believe that Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg is copying the steps of Twitter CEO-Elon Musk, trying to capitalize on increasing profits amid the company’s severe revenue decline. However, experts say this is not necessarily a wise move.

Mr. Tuan Ha – Founder of the Digital Marketing Training Academy Vinalink Academy said: “Twitter is essentially a war that even counts as green revenue. The number of registered users is very small, so obviously very many people do not have the need to apply for green credits of these social networks”.

Starting to appear on Facebook since 2014, green ticks are granted by the platform to the accounts of celebrities, politicians, or large companies with influence in the community… This is considered a privilege that It’s not easy for anyone to get. Therefore, the commercialization of the green tick may cause this symbol to lose its inherent value.

Although Bank of America estimates that with Meta’s collection strategy, the company estimates 12 million users will sign up for this service between now and the end of the year, the monthly revenue is also huge. . However, it will still be a while before we can tell whether the new service launch will be successful and well-received, or if this is a wrong move by Meta.

Although it has not been applied in Vietnam, the online community is beginning to worry that Facebook will have many green ticks to cheat, sell fake goods, even reduce the value of this social network as well as cause a series of troubles in the past. next time.

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