Combining magnetic water with magnets, YouTuber recreates Venom’s transformation screen in real life as cool as it is on screen

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2021-11-09 20:20:01

Venom is one of the most impressive characters in the Marvel universe, especially for fans of Spider-Man. Classed as anti-hero (anti-hero), Venom often brings very unexpected and diverse stories, sometimes playing the role of an arch rival with Spidey, but also sometimes playing the role of a savior. of humanity. After appearing on the silver screen in Spider-Man 3 (2007), Venom (2018) and most recently Venom: Let There Be Carnage, this character has become even more famous and loved by many people.

Venom is one of Marvel’s most famous anti-heroes, often associated with the cult Spider-Man.

Venom is a parasite from outer space that exists as a liquid and maintains life on Earth by attaching to a host, usually a human. Venom first appeared in the chapter The Amazing Spider-Man #252, published in May 1984, as a Peter Parker costume. This character was then officially revealed as an independent individual in The Amazing Spider-Man #300, released in May 1988, after Peter realized the nature and extent of Venom’s danger and decided to to separate myself from him.

In addition to its unique design and origin story, Venom also captivates Marvel readers with its impressive superpowers. The parasitic slime allows Venom to hide into its surroundings as an effective camouflage, or to duplicate a host’s favorite outfit.

When attached to Eddie Brock’s body, Venom also helps to improve strength, endurance, endurance, remarkable wound healing, healing even dangerous diseases such as cancer. In addition, the cosmic parasite can also release mucus to attack enemies, release spider silk better than Spider-Man’s, and “swallow” opponents to death because of their poison.

Combining magnetic water with magnets, YouTuber recreates Venom's transformation screen in real life as cool as it is on screen - Photo 2.

Possessing a unique appearance and many superpowers, it’s no surprise that Venom is loved by so many fans.

With such a cool and cool ability, Venom has become a cosplay inspiration for many fans around the world, including YouTuber Jake Laser, owner of JLaservideo channel with more than 2.3 million subscribers . This guy creates a lot of inventions just like comic books and movies such as Spider-Man’s spider web device that helps users “swing” easily, Captain America’s shield can fly back to the thrower’s hand. after bouncing against a wall, or Doctor Octopus’s set of four AI-controlled mechanical arms. All are done very carefully and creatively based on practical scientific knowledge.

However, instead of wearing the best Venom costumes, closest to the original, Jake chose a much bolder alternative: Let a special liquid automatically cling and spread. my whole body, just like when Venom parasitizes other people.

Combining magnetic water with magnets, YouTuber recreates Venom's transformation screen in real life as cool as it is on screen - Photo 3.

The Venom suit is created from a special liquid combined with a magnet made by Jake Laser.

The liquid Jake used was water from – ferrofluid. If you do not know, this is a product created by the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in 1960 to control the flow of fuel in a zero-gravity environment. Magnetic water is also the only liquid that is magnetic under normal conditions. When it comes in close enough contact with the magnet, it will immediately “come to life”, moving around creating interesting shapes, which are the 3D shapes of the magnetic field.

The main components of magnetic water include microscopic iron magnetic particles (only a few nm), surfactants and solvents (usually oil and determine the fluidity of magnetic water). It also comes in a glossy black like ink, which is extremely suitable for the Venom project that Jake Laser pursues. In addition, the water can also be red, which means that if you like, this YouTuber can easily transform into Carnage in real life.

Combining magnetic water with magnets, the YouTuber recreates Venom's transformation screen in real life as cool as it is on the screen - Photo 4.

YouTuber Jake Laser used magnetic water to transform into Venom in a very cool way, just like in the movie.

Since magnetic water is especially “sensitive” to magnets, Jake decided to build his outerwear using more than 100,000 different magnetic balls. The reason is because when these marbles link together to form a pattern, their spherical structure allows us to easily change, bend flexibly to create “clothes”. closest to the body. Then, just getting close enough, the magnetic water will immediately “jump” up, cling to the outer magnet layer and spread to almost the entire body, just like when Eddie Brock transforms into Venom.

Specifically how the manufacturing and testing process of Jake Laser took place, you can watch the video below:

[Vietsub] YouTuber Jake Laser combines magnetic water with magnets to recreate Venom’s transformation screen in real life, just as cool as the movie version.

According to JLaservideo/YouTube

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