Compare dehumidifier and air conditioner (dry mode)?  Should I buy a dehumidifier?

Compare dehumidifier and air conditioner (dry mode)? Should I buy a dehumidifier?

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2021-04-08 04:47:33

Your house already has an air conditioner, so you are wondering whether you should buy a dehumidifier to dehumidify the indoor air or not? Are you looking to buy equipment to dehumidify during the humid time, so that each step in the house no longer feels uncomfortable wet, but wondering between the dehumidifier and the air conditioner? So refer to our article to compare dehumidifiers and air conditioners, and then decide which one to buy!

How does the dehumidifier work?

The cooler of the machine will suck the moist air to condense into water, then the rest of the air will escape. Dehumidifiers work continuously so that helps to create an air with a humidity at the most appropriate threshold to prevent mold from growing, reduce the risk of illness for children, the floor is no longer wet, as well as damage. electronics, machinery …

Air conditioning desiccant like?

Air conditioner

When the air conditioner operates in the Dry mode, the fan and parts inside the machine are still running. However, the indoor unit will not blow out cold air like in Cool mode. The air with water vapor in the room passing through the unit will condense.

Compare dehumidifier and air conditioner

Air conditioner Dehumidifiers
Advantages Do not occupy more area in the house, especially for houses that do not have much space You can choose the appropriate humidity in the room, do not dry the humidity as the air conditioner, so the skin and respiratory system will also be better assured than air conditioning.
There is no extra cost to buy a dehumidifier if your home already has an air conditioner Easily move the machine to where you want to dehumidify
Condensate water flows out by itself, no need to pour water Consumes less electricity
Quick drying Equipped with an air filter, making the air cleaner
Can dry clothes, socks, handkerchiefs, shoes …
Many machines have a timer that turns off. You can set this when you leave the room, helping to save energy
Defect Dehumidifying with the air conditioner causes more power consumption You will have to pay an extra amount to buy a dehumidifier even if your home has an air conditioner
The air conditioner humidifies the dry air to the temperature you selected. Thus, the humidity is too low, the skin will be dry, the respiratory system will also be affected and create a cold feeling. Although today’s dehumidifiers are compact, in fact, it still takes up space in the room
Must go pouring water when the tank is full
Price 6-30 million 1.5 -15 million

Should I buy a dehumidifier?

Although the air conditioner has a good drying mode (Dry), it is only temporary dehumidifier, because when used for a long time, it will have disadvantages related to cost and health as well as age. life of the air conditioner.

The dehumidifier is specifically designed for desiccant use so the amount of water that can be absorbed is higher. In addition, the dehumidifier also works better and has a larger capacity, allowing the humidity threshold to be set to a very low level of up to about 30%, avoiding wasting power.

The dehumidifier will handle excess moisture perfectly, you will no longer have to face the worry of high humidity in the air – the main cause of mold and bacteria to multiply and affect your health.

Therefore, if it is only to absorb the air, especially during the humid period (February & March every year), you should choose a dehumidifier.


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