COMPUTER AGREEMENT 2022 Officially Launched!!!

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2022-09-19 18:13:45

With the official competition game Valorant, Computer Arena 2022 will be a playground to help Vietnamese talents have the opportunity to compete and shine. At the same time, this is also a meeting and exchange point to help connect the community of gamers and technology lovers across the country.

Organized by Intel, and accompanied by leading technology companies including AOC, ASUS, ASRock, Edra, Gigabyte, Kingston, HP, ViewSonic, Western Digital, Computer Arena 2022 is one of the biggest tournaments. so far – when held at nearly 30 Cyber ​​Games nationwide, including familiar addresses such as Vikings, GameHome, GamingX, Star Gaming, Black Kingdom, Amazing Arena, Net269, X-Stadium, Spartacus Gaming, Pegasus Gaming Arena… The supporting organizations Cuong Anh, Hai Anh Thai Binh, Star Computer, Phong Vu are also familiar names to technology lovers and gamers, promising to bring a season. professional for the eSports community.

1 of nearly 30 cyber companions in the Computer Arena 2022.

More specifically, Computer Arena 2022 will bring an extremely new and unique format, completely different from previous seasons. With the audience being gamers over 18 years old and limited to the participation of Pro Players, this year’s event will not only be a place for young talents to speak up, but also a competition between the best players. The leading Cyber ​​Game in Vietnam. In the spirit of a tournament aimed at the amateur community and promoting the gaming movement at Cyber ​​after the epidemic season, the 2022 Computer Arena schedule will be divided into several stages, specifically as follows:

– Cyber ​​Game Round: (September 23 – October 2)

The tournament was held at 28 Cyber ​​Games nationwide. Each Cyber ​​Game will have 4 participating teams, paired up to compete in the Single Elimination BO3 format to choose the strongest team representing the Cyber ​​Game to attend the Phase 1 Finals.

– Final Round of Phase 1: (8/10 – 9/10)

28 teams representing 28 Cyber ​​Games, compete under the supervision of the referee, randomly draw pairs with a BO3 knockout format, leaving 8 teams to advance to the Phase 2 Finals.

– Final Round of Phase 2: (October 14 – October 16)

The 8 competing teams will have additional help from coaches who are famous Pro Player/KoLs/Streamers in the Valorant community. Here, 8 teams will be randomly paired, competing in the Double Elimination format of the winning branch – the losing branch to select 2 teams to reach the Finals.

– Final match: (October 22)

The 2 best teams representing their team’s Cyber ​​Game competed Offline BO5 at Cyber ​​Game to find the champion.

The image of the tournament was successfully held on a large scale in previous seasons (DTMT season 6)

The total prize value of the Computer Arena 2022 will be 100 MILLION VND along with many other attractive gifts from sponsors.

The organizers are extremely excited and can’t wait to meet talented gamers at the Computer Arena 2022. This will be a really explosive competition season with super attractive prizes for gamers to attend. Follow the Computer Arena fanpage to update the latest information about the tournament as well as livestream channels throughout the season!

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