Controversy when Son Tung M-TP cooperates with Metaverse project

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2022-05-15 08:40:22

Last night, through the announcement on the official Fanpage, Son Tung M-TP confirmed the association with the Metaverse project called RadioCaca (RACA).

The post includes both English and Vietnamese content, emphasizing Son Tung becoming a partner artist of RadioCaca USM Metaverse. This event was quite surprising to the crypto community in general, especially in the midst of a volatile market with many strong fluctuations. For example, LUNA witnessed a serious decline in value, losing more than 99% of its value last night.

Announced content of Fanpage Son Tung MTP Official

Thai Binh male singer announced on his verified social media account:

“Hello, I am officially a partner of Radio Caca and USM Metaverse…”

Radio Caca, introduced to the public from 2021, is known as the company that manages many NFT products, such as: Maye Musk Mystery Box (MPB) – the exclusive project of billionaire Elon Musk’s mother, Mrs. Maye Musk. Besides, Radio Caca is also a decentralized finance (DeFi) project specializing in publishing NFT games.

USM Metaverse is a 3D Mapping Metaverse MMO, being developed by engineers at Roblox and Tencent Games. The design of the game aims to open up a 3-dimensional space, bringing players directly into the role. In addition, the game can expand the number of participants.

RadioCaca’s token is called RACA, which used to reach ATH at 0.0119 USD and now trading price 0.000468 USDa drop of more than 95% in value due to the influence of major cryptocurrencies like BTC…

Similar to the AXS token of the famous game Axie Infinity, RACA has a role to use for buying, selling or transferring NFTs such as pets and items in the games that Radio Caca publishes.

Not only Son Tung M-TP, before that, some famous ShowBiz Vietnamese artists and personalities also participated in crypto projects such as Kieu Minh Tuan, Ngoc Trinh with FXT project, Binz with NFT Binance …

Remember, around the beginning of May last year, a series of Vietnamese stars suddenly posted identical content and images about cryptocurrencies. However, these articles were removed overnight. Some speculated that among the cryptocurrencies advertised by Vietnamese artists was the multi-level shadow currency FXT Token. In particular, Nam Thu is the first and only artist among many crypto PR artists to apologize to the public.

On May 20, 2021, the Propaganda Department of the Ho Chi Minh City Party Committee issued a written request to correct the artist’s improper advertising, affecting the health, life and confidence of consumers.

According to data from SimilarwebVietnam occupied 41% of the total number of visits to RadioCaca’s website. This RACA is a cryptocurrency that has received a lot of attention from people in this community.

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