Convenient Bitcoin and Ethereum exchanges in Vietnam

Convenient Bitcoin and Ethereum exchanges in Vietnam


2021-03-23 20:18:37

The Vietnamese cryptocurrency market is currently in a period of strong development, along with learning about digital platforms to make the right investment decision, the search for a reputable exchange to trade. or hodl from moving VND to the coins and tokens that dominate the cryptocurrency market must also be the top concern of many brothers and sisters.

Coinvi exchange was born with the desire to become a leading trading platform that helps people easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies while creating many other supports for users in the transaction process such as towards support. wallet assistant on iOS and Android phone operating systems.

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It only takes a few minutes to create an account on Coinvi with a confirmed email, a password and a 2FA password set to protect your account. Currently, transactions on Coinvi are conducted with three main pairs: VND / BTC, VND / ETH and BTC / ETH, the deposit and withdrawal of VND are done through most banking systems in Vietnam such as Vietcombank, ACB, Techcombank. . (Refer to more details on how to create an account and trade on Coinvi here). In case you want to transact directly with the owner of the Coinvi exchange with a price priority over the public price on the website, please contact via email [email protected] or Telephone 0909882266 for best and fastest support Please.

The current transaction fee on the Coinvi exchange is 0.2%, the transaction price from the Coinvi exchange is taken directly from the Bittrex exchange price with the USD – VND conversion rate closely following the general exchange rate of the market. Competitive purchase-selling prices and transaction fees, ensuring the interests of users. Coinvi has a team of continuous support with regard to trading issues on the exchange along with efforts to comply with the laws of Vietnam on relevant issues, best meet the needs as well as security. Asset protection for trading platform customers.

Currently, the Coinvi exchange is offering a commission discount program of up to 50% of transaction fees. You only need to have an account on Coinvi, then share the referral code with your friends so that they can create an account and make transactions to be credited to the VND Account with 50% of the transaction fees incurred from the account. Item introduced already.

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With just a few minutes of opening an account and sharing with your friends about Coinvi, you can instantly receive 50% commissions from the lifetime exchange.

In addition, if you buy from 5ETH or more within a month from the date of opening a trading account on Coinvi, you will also receive VND 100,000. The promotion program lasts from August 2019 to December 31, 2019.

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Register an account on Coinvi and buy from 5ETH or more, you will receive a refund of VND 100,000

Quick hand create Account, trade and refer friends to immediately receive incentives at Come on!

Coinvi is also developing a blog channel to keep up with major news on the market. Don’t forget to follow more channels Blog or fanpage and Telegram to update more information from the market for everyone’s trading or trading decisions.

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