Coocaa TV accompanies on the way to conquer the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 championship

Coocaa TV accompanies on the way to conquer the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 championship


2021-12-23 03:38:26

As the “lighter of the fire” in each AFF Suzuki Cup 2020 match, coocaa is honored to have a “prominent” brand image on the stadium where this AFF tournament takes place. The appearance of the coocaa brand on the stadium not only attracts millions of fans present in the stands, but the brand is also covered throughout TV shows and social networks, contributing to bringing coocaa closer to fans. country. By helping millions of football fans enjoy the action on the field, coocaa aspires to spark excitement and bring people together for the duration of the game.

To inspire more inspiration and break the gap between football fans at this prestigious tournament, coocaa has made its mark with many unique and interesting activities, stirring up all over social networking sites.

Designated as the official supporter of the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020, coocaa has released a thrilling video titled “Vietnam – Road to Glory” to warm up the AFF tournament. The video shared every moment with “1-0-2” with football fans and received a lot of search on the net.

To strengthen the national team, coocaa invites football fans to Cool Bar to watch Vietnam’s first match at the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020. Many celebrities are also invited to cheer for the match. the first of the national team. Notably, Quan AP – the star of The Heros 2021 program also came to cheer for Vietnam’s first match at the AFF Suzuki Cup 2020, bringing the atmosphere to a climax. As an organizer, coocaa also prepared many gifts for the audience, lighting up the atmosphere of the scene.

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Not stopping there, coocaa carried out the parade activities “Coocaa Knight – bring back the champion” with costumes with color combinations from the brand and the prominent main orange color, attracting the light of the sun. people’s view on the street to cheer the boom of AFF along with the fans. coocaa hopes to integrate more deeply with the young generation through creative and dynamic activities.

In order to arouse the fans’ passion for football and spread the atmosphere for the football carnival, coocaa launched the “Guess the champion, coocaa TV refund order” in early December and received the interest of thousands of football fans. Express their expectation that the Vietnamese team will win the championship, and expect the surprise that their order will be lucky to be refunded 100% of the value.

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With the advantage of being a leader in smart TV technology trends and listening to consumers’ needs, During the super sale campaign at the end of December 12, coocaa grew by 256 percent over the same period last year and was in the TOP 2 best-selling brands of home appliances & TVs of major e-commerce platforms in Vietnam. In which, two super products possessing modern technology and reasonable prices have stormed all social forums, namely S6G Pro Max and S6G Pro Silver.

Mr. Ren – Managing Director of coocaa Vietnam shared: “The year 2021 is coming to an end. Looking back this year, we have had great breakthroughs and achievements in the Vietnamese market, to achieve these things, it is impossible not to mention the support of consumers. In the coming year, we will bring more diverse and creative brand activities, focusing on research and development of innovative products, bringing to every Vietnamese family the best quality products and services.”

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