Copa America Championship Cup Converted to NFT

Copa America Championship Cup Converted to NFT


2021-07-13 05:36:48

CONMEBOL has partnered with Ethernity Chain to recreate the Cope America Championship trophy as an NFT to celebrate the tournament’s 47th anniversary.

Copa America Championship Cup Converted to NFT

The 47th Copa America tournament ended on July 10 with the championship belonging to the Argentina team. To celebrate this year’s tournament, South American Football Confederation, CONMEBOL teamed up with Etherity Chain to release an NFT version of the championship trophy. There are also 4 other NFTs being minted, including:

  • Two NFTs of two teams Brazil and Argentina.
  • An NFT dedicated to the captain of the defending champion, Lionel Messi.
  • An NFT for the top scorer’s “Goleadot” trophy in this year’s tournament.

Etherity Chain is a unit operating with the desire to exploit the application of NFT for artistic and charitable purposes by honoring famous pop culture figures or events.

In March 2021, this unit released the NFT collection called “Fight of the century” by legendary boxer Muhammad Ali and rival Joe Frazier. This NFT was released on the 50th anniversary of that match.

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