Crazy car model cheaper than Honda HR-V 200 million: Equipped with ‘ousting’ Kia Seltos, enchanting design

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2021-07-29 09:49:47

Suzuki Ignis from its launch to the present time has always been appreciated by many people for its appearance and equipment no less than rivals such as Honda HR-V, Kia Seltos or Ford EcoSport.

Suzuki Ignis owns a sporty and stylish appearance with a large grille cluster with U-shaped accents, on both sides are the main lights, a combination of headlights using LED technology with turn signals and lights. daytime (DRL). The rear bumper has been revised with the addition of a silver diffuser, for the GL version without fog lights, the bezel is detailed with 3 parallel lines.

Inside the comfortable cabin for up to 5 people, the luggage area can store a lot of stuff in the back when the second row of seats is folded in a ratio of 60:40. The rival Honda HR-V 2021 is also equipped with entertainment features such as a touch screen for the GX variant that can be connected to a smartphone, the device can be controlled via buttons on the steering wheel, ensuring the driver’s concentration on the road; keyless technology and combined with the start / stop button to turn off the engine in the most advanced variant.

The manufacturer has included a series of safety equipment on some versions such as ventilated disc brakes installed at the front, while drum brakes are on the rear wheels. Anti-lock braking system (ABS) and electronic brake force distribution (EBD) technology assist it. To minimize the impact of a collision, the front passenger and driver are protected by dual SRS airbags, parking sensors for the GX.

In addition, users can choose from additional components such as the upper rear spoiler, door and lower spoiler, and touch screen for the GL version.

In the Indonesian market, the price of car versions ranges from 175.5 million Rupiah to 204.5 million Rupiah, equivalent to about 278,000,000 VND to 325,000,000 VND, 200,000,000 VND to 300,000,000 VND cheaper. compared to the price of Honda HR-V or Kia Seltos in Vietnam depending on the version. Consumers refer to various exterior paint colors such as orange, white, black, silver and gray, blue, etc.


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