Crazy scooter model priced at 27 million ‘overwhelms’ Honda Vision: ‘smooth luxury’ design, cool equipment

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2021-10-14 01:06:08

The Runner Skooty 110 is a brand new scooter introduced in the Runner lineup in 2020. This scooter is equipped with a completely new look and features, it is sleek, simple and is primarily a commuter-friendly scooter that is attractive in appearance and useful.

In terms of appearance, the new model is made quite well and fuses the bone structure. This is why the floorboards are flat to the rider’s feet and the engine is underneath the saddle. The front of the scooter is covered with a unique curving aerodynamic coat. There are indicators mounted on the panels and nicely finished by the front fenders of the front wheels.

The rider can place items such as gloves, goggles or other personal items. The saddle is a single piece that is intricately carved, allowing customers to take advantage of different seating positions. The position of the stakes is more comfortable and the heavy-duty steel rails are designed to ensure safe sitting and handling.

Crazy scooter model priced at 27 million 'overwhelms' Honda Vision: 'luxury smooth' design, cool equipment photo 2

Another feature that has been added is the storage area under the saddle. It makes it more comfortable for everyday use. As for the rest, the rear is built with a larger taillight mounted on a dashboard and indicators at the rear. The panels at the back are attractively curved and match the sporty look very well.

Key Features: The Runner Skooty 110 comes with a completely analog instrument cluster. This instrument cluster has a speedometer, odometer, trip meter and fuel gauge. Runner Skooty 110 has three colors including: Black, blue, red.

The length, width and height of the Runner Skooty 110 are 1780mm, 770mm and 1230mm. This scooter also has a low ground clearance of 150mm.

Crazy scooter model priced at 27 million 'overwhelms' Honda Vision: 'luxury smooth' design, cool equipment photo 3

Opponent Honda Vision 2021 uses a single-cylinder, 4-stroke and 104cc engine block. The engine is air-cooled, it has electricity and starts both. The engine provides a capacity of 6.97BHP at 7500 rpm and 7Nm of torque at 6500 rpm, a fully automatic transmission system. Runner Skooty 110 comes with a disc drum setup. Single disc front wheel helps to significantly increase braking efficiency, drum brake on the rear wheel, quite common in scooters. If it also had rear discs, the scooter’s braking ability would be at the top among scooters of this section.

In the Bangladesh market, the price of the car converted into Vietnamese currency is about 27,230,000 VND, about 10,000,000 VND cheaper than the price of Honda Vision 2021 in our country.


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