Cream Finance and PancakeSwap got a DNS attack

Cream Finance and PancakeSwap got a DNS attack


2021-03-22 21:21:43

It seems that this is a bad time for Binance Smart Chain as projects built on this platform are constantly experiencing problems. Most recently, decentralized financial apps (DeFi) Cream Finance and PancakeSwap said they had “DNS hacked” on their websites.

Cream Finance and PancakeSwap got a DNS attack

According to the announcement from both projects, the attackers are asking users to enter 12 seed phases – 12 phrases created uniquely for each crypto wallet to steal money from investors’ accounts.

For the time being, if users log into the PancakeSwap and Cream Finnace homepage, the user will see a fake window asking for their personal password. This also happens on browsers like Safari, which don’t have MetaMask integrated. Of course, if you already have a lot of experience in the crypto market, you should immediately see “smelly” because entering 12 seed phrases into your browser application is a must-do, especially when interacting with DeFi.

Cream Finance and PancakeSwap got a DNS attack
The Cream Finance home page with a fake window asks the user to provide seed phrases to access the wallet

“Our DNS was compromised by a third party; Some users have reported being asked to enter the seed phase on DO NOT give those 12 words to anyone.

We will never ask you to submit any personal passwords or seed phrases. “

Cream and PancakeSwap are urging users to stay away from these applications until the attack is completed.

“We and Cream Finnace are under a DNS attack.

Until we can reconfirm the information, do not visit the project website.

We will confirm as soon as possible.

In the meantime, keep your property safe. ”

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