Create a background image of bear ears and cat ears with Simple Notch

Create a background image of bear ears and cat ears with Simple Notch


2021-03-22 19:21:32

The notch design is currently no longer used by many smartphone manufacturers, new designs such as hidden cameras, water drops cameras, cameras hidden under the screens and still other infinity screen designs.

Perhaps only Apple iPhone still retains its rabbit ear design, but this design is still chosen by many people. From design rabbit ears you can turn into bear ears, cat ears or many other designs.

Or you can design it yourself or you can go to simple rabbit ear wallpaper design support apps like Simple Notch. Through a few steps on Simple Notch you will have a cat-ear, iPhone-bear-ear wallpaper in many different styles to set as your wallpaper.

Turn rabbit ears into cat ears, bear ears different from Simple Notch

Step 1: Download the Simple Notch app below then open it, choose a bunny-eared wallpaper style like X / 11/12 or 8 / SE and choose the “ear” style from the list and click Import. Next select the background image in your gallery.

Download Simple Notch for iOS

Step 2: After selecting the wallpaper you can preview it by choosing Preview, but then press save and save the image to your album. Once in your photo album you’ll see your new background image.

Simple Notch is one of the applications that helps users create wallpapers by design with ears like bear ears, cat ears or by many different designs to create a unique and less boring screen design than the design. default bunny ears design.

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