Crew on a SpaceX commercial flight will have a “thousand-dollar view” toilet with an arched window

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2021-07-04 17:40:03

SpaceX’s first commercial flight will provide the crew with one of the best-looking toilets in human history.

It’s not clear how the toilet devices work aboard the SpaceX Crew Dragon – this design is well kept secret. But we do know the toilet is on the bow of the ship. This area will have a dome window, also known as cupola, placed in the bow.

While passengers use the toilet, they can look out the window with a 360-degree view, according to Jared Isaacman, a billionaire and pilot who bought four tickets on a commercial SpaceX flight. “Obviously there’s not much privacy here. But you know, in return, you get to admire the top view.”

The flight for Isaac, called Inspiration4, could launch on September 15 of this year. The team plans to orbit the Earth at an altitude higher than the International Space Station (ISS) in 3 days. During that time they can enjoy the view or do science experiments. Isaacman gave the remaining 3 tickets to assistant doctor Hayley Arceneaux, veteran air force and engineer Chris Sembroski and Dr. Sian Proctor, scientist and astronaut.

The crew on a SpaceX commercial flight will have a

Crew Inspiration 4

Inspiration 4 is supposed to start the era of space tourism – in addition to Amazon tycoon Jeff Bezos’ plan to travel to the edge of the atmosphere in 3 minutes on July 20 in a suborbital flight, and a plan next year with 3 passengers to visit the ISS station aboard Crew Dragon.

SpaceX has sent professional astronauts to the space station to help NASA three times, but the spacecraft used has never had a “cupola”. That’s because the craft uses its nose to dock with the ISS so that astronauts can travel through space. Since Inspiration4 won’t be docking with the station, SpaceX replaced this docking mechanism with a glass window for passengers to view the universe.

Crew on a SpaceX commercial flight will have a

Isaacman founded payment processing company Shift4 at the age of 16 and remains the company’s CEO. He also founded Draken International, which owns a fleet of used military aircraft and provides training for airmen and other pilots. Isaac sold a majority stake in the company for nine figures, according to Forbes, and is now worth $2.9 billion.

When he knew he could buy a ticket on the Crew Dragon, he quickly seized the opportunity. Although neither SpaceX nor Isaacman disclosed how much he paid, NASA estimates a seat could cost $55 million. Isaacman is currently collaborating with the St Jude Children’s Hospital Research department to conduct experiments while in orbit. They will take blood, skin samples and perform cognitive tests to help NASA gather data on the effects of space travel on the human body.

The crew on a SpaceX commercial flight will have a

SpaceX and NASA declined to disclose the location of the ship’s toilets, but the passengers provided some hints. NASA astronaut Doug Hurley, who flew aboard the Crew Dragon last year, said it was quite similar to the toilet used on the shuttle.

The toilet system on the Russian Space Shuttle and Soyuz includes pipes and a bag system, so perhaps Crew Dragon’s system is similar. With newcomers like Isaacman and other passengers, it can take some getting used to. Even NASA astronaut Peggy Whitson once replied that going to the bathroom is the worst experience of life in space.

The crew on the SpaceX commercial flight will have a

Model toilet on a spaceship

Learning to use the toilet is part of a pre-flight training program. Isaacman commented, “If you are not used to it, you have to get used to it.”

According to BusinessInsider

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