Cristiano Ronaldo is the first football star to be awarded a cryptocurrency

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2021-03-24 14:19:35

Cristiano Ronaldo became the first football player to be awarded a cryptocurrency token for outstanding achievements in his career.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the first football star to be awarded a cryptocurrency

Cristiano Ronaldo has been received 770 JUV – Each token corresponds to one career goal.

JUV is a fan token of Juventus, launched in 2019 and built on the Chiliz (CHZ) blockchain, in conjunction with the platform. Fan tokens provide fans with conveniences such as voting for club decisions, privilege access to various contests and prizes.

770 JUV tokens are worth about $ 11,750 at the time of CHK’s news. When launched, JUV is priced at 2 USD.

This event marks the first time that a soccer star has been awarded with cryptocurrency. After having had the first team to pay players with cryptocurrency and the first football club was acquired in Bitcoin.

Dozens of soccer clubs have issued fan tokens on the Chiliz blockchain, such as Manchester City or Paris St.. Germain. A summary of the fan tokens in the Chiliz ecosystem can be seen in the picture below.

Fan Token in the Chiliz ecosystem. Source: Kyros Ventures.

Chiliz (CHZ) increased by 1,600% in March – the golden month of fan tokens. If calculated from the beginning of 2021, the CHZ price has increased by more than 2,500%, with the capitalization increasing from 100 million USD to the peak of 4.5 billion USD.

Chiliz on top search Coingecko. Source: Kyros Ventures.

With Barcelona issuing BAR tokens to 300 million fans globally, will Cristiano Ronaldo’s longtime rival Lionel Messi receive his own token reward? The Argentine superstar has scored 734 goals, while still two years younger than Ronaldo.

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