Crosstalk, Game mode, Bluetooth 5.2 and ANC . Active Noise Cancellation

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2022-04-21 13:00:12

With a small shape, but Soundpeas Mini Pro is equipped with many of today’s most modern technologies: crosstalk mode, Gamemode, Bluetooth 5.2 and ANC Active Noise Cancellation. Bringing more different experiences than the old version.

Equipped with crosstalk mode for you to experience listening to music but not miss external events

With the Transparency Mode on the Soundpeats Mini Pro headphones, you’ll be able to listen to music while listening to other sounds happening around you. Just one press and hold the left earphone and you will feel the outside world while enjoying the resounding melody of the music. Thanks to the crosstalk mode, you can completely wear it when you are in the office or walking on the street.

Ultra-low latency when Game Mode is on on the headset

Soundpeats Mini Pro: Crosstalk mode, Game mode, Bluetooth 5.2 and ANC Active Noise Cancellation - Photo 2.

Soundpeats Mini Pro is equipped with Game Mode so that the latency can be significantly reduced to just 60ms. Thanks to that, the sound and image when playing mobile games are optimally synchronized. The distance between picture and sound is reduced to the minimum. Giving you a great experience when immersed in top-notch games. You will become real shooters hunting for hidden enemies with the sound of footsteps close to your ears.

Equipped with QCC 3040 Chip & Bluetooth 5.2 for sharp sound and stable connection

Soundpeas Mini Pro wireless headphones are equipped with Qualcomm QCC 3040 chip and the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology today. Provides a stable connection over a distance of up to 10m. High-tech chip that reproduces high-quality sound and is transmitted with low latency. For a music listening experience when using Soundpeats Mini Pro “was” better than any other line of headphones.

Soundpeats Mini Pro: Crosstalk mode, Game mode, Bluetooth 5.2 and ANC Active Noise Cancellation - Photo 3.

Enjoy music with a never-ending connection whether you’re watching videos, playing games, listening to music or making calls.

Active noise cancellation technology cancels out all the noise around us

Possessing superior active noise cancellation technology, so that noise is most effectively suppressed with a depth of up to 35dB. Gives you a secluded, lively environment so you can comfortably focus on your music and work.

With powerful noise cancellation, Soundpeats Mini Pro creates a space for you, just you, Soundpeats Mini Pro, and your music. Immerse yourself in lively, resonant tunes without getting tired at all.

Soundpeats Mini Pro: Crosstalk mode, Game mode, Bluetooth 5.2 and ANC Active Noise Cancellation - Photo 4.

In addition, Soundpeats Mini Pro is also equipped with cVc 8.0 noise cancellation technology, which helps to reduce background noise thoroughly and improve your voice as much as possible. Your voice will be picked up with great clarity, with no background noise to interfere with it. Talking all night, all morning with friends, no matter how noisy the surroundings are, can’t be affected.

Soundpeas Mini Pro Bluetooth headset is the symbol of tiny but powerful heroes. With the most modern technologies built into headphones, all your needs and desires Soundpeats Mini Pro can be met. Don’t miss the opportunity to be the first to own this “genuine” headset.

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